Friday, 6 February 2015


am was a prolific reader. Until last year. I don't know why, I just got out of it. (Too many great blogs?!) I used to stick my nose into a book for hours at a time as a child. Then, as a mother of two, snatch just a few moments here and there to indulge, pure escapism. A good book is a wonderful thing, something to share, discuss with friends, swap, ponder. There's nothing better than hunkering down, a hot chocolate or a glass of something, preferably red by your side!

I follow the wonderful blog Circle of Pine Trees, written by Laura, whose writing I adore. She does a regular post called The Year In Books. I have loved seeing her's and others choices and often bought books based on recommendations - on my bookshelf gathering dust......hmmmm, moving on....

So this year I am going to join the fun! I started off with my book for January by reading The Au Pair by Janey Fraser. A nice easy read which brought me into 2015 at a slow leisurely pace! Good book to encourage me back to reading. I finished it!! So that's a start!
Moving on to February's book! I'm off skiing tomorrow so have chosen The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. I've heard great reviews so have high hope for this Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. I love that it has snow in the title! This will be enjoyed with hot chocolate and marshmallows by my side I'm sure!!

Bye for now!
Why don't you join in?

This Boy....

Sebastian, 12 weeks old. How time flies. Enjoying every second of this beautiful boys life. 
So in love. Just had to share. Indulge me!!
These Baby Bundlers are fabulous for those night time nappy changes, 
no fiddly press studs when you're half asleep.

 It's Friday - Yay!
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Currently Coveting

Cosy snow boots for my upcoming ski holiday. That I might just have clicked buy on! ;-)
Cosy, waterproof and fur with  great discounts, that's my excuse anyway!

What are you currently coveting?


Monday, 2 February 2015

Birthday Fun

Last week was my birthday and I am feeling just a tad spoilt!
Although I had to work and it took me hours to battle home in the snow, I felt loved! Aaaahhhh.
Here are just a few thoughtful gifts I received....
My stag fetish knows no bounds - Mr.L says these are the last stag gifts he buys!! I love that he tries to find something unusual - he gets me every time :-) 
These from my best friend, she knows me sooooooo well!
This ring is beautiful. From the Mama and Papa. Love the aesthetics of Tutti & Co
This from my Daughter. This baby has brought so much love to our lives. 
Waking up to those gorgeous cheeks every morning! Imagine!
I had a lovely night out in Manchester, discovering a new restaurant Thaikhun. In the trendy Spinningfield's area of Manchester. Loved the decor & traditional tuk tuks
We moved on to the Oast House, also in Spinningfield's. 
How pretty? Live music (every night too)!
 Where you choose your drink from an Almanac!! ;-0
 & this was just the start of a fabulous weekend! Fun all the way!

Thanks for dropping by - hope your weekend was fun!