Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Wishes

As the door closes & we raise our glasses (swaying to Auld Lang Syne no doubt) remembering the good times of 2014 (& maybe some not so great) I wish you all a bright sparkling 2015 filled with happy days & opportunity & thank you so much for dropping by this little space :-)

What started as a bit of a get together has become a full out party here 
& I'm sooooo excited! Whatever you're up to have fun.

Au revoir 2014 - we're ready to rock it and welcome 2015!!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Son The Chef

Raising men/women - not growing children.

Its a great saying, it's definitely what I wanted for my children. To grow to be self sufficient, take care of themselves, able to cook healthy meals, not dependant on anyone else to care for them, the ability to run a home & feel proud - without seeing certain jobs as 'not theirs.'

 So important to encourage a contribution to family life, supporting one another. It makes the bad times easier to bear, the good times even better when we pull together!

One of the things I started when my two started secondary school was 'make your own tea night'. This was brilliant, not just for me (giving me a night off) but for encouraging them to be adventurous in the kitchen. Beans or egg on toast eventually became lasagne, pie, fishcakes.

When my Son announced this year he would like to make Christmas Dinner, alone, I was bowled over.  He researched timings, did a plan, had his laptop on the side in the kitchen to refer to. Starter, main, desert & coffee, boom.

I am so proud of him - I find cooking Christmas Dinner stressful - my Son? Nada! He was a cool cookie in the kitchen!

He was so organised & everything was timed to perfection. My job here is done!!

Thank you for dropping by!

Monday, 29 December 2014

Winter Wonderland

Hi! Hope you have had the kind of sparkling Christmas you hoped for!?

I am back to work tomorrow, but want to share some photographs from Boxing Day when
Mr.L & I went for a run round the local reservoir. 

I don't know how the tradition started but every year the trees surrounding are festooned with decorations, messages and tributes to loved ones. 

On our cold, frosty morning run it really did feel magical.....although the run did take longer than usual! ;-)
Yes - he jumped in.....silly boy!
 Can you spot him?

 A surprise to look up and see.
A beautiful way to remember a loved one.

Does this happen anywhere else?
Please share....

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house......
Oh, I love this and used to read it every Christmas Eve with two brimming with excitement children. I look forward to reading it to Sebastian, cosy and snuggly....

For now I am sat, with my usual cup of chai, sinking in the silence, gathering thoughts and thinking about how I want to spend these precious few days off work,
 I'm sure it will include the following...

Watching Love Actually, Elf, Polar Express, The Holiday Scrooge

Reading In My Shoes - Tamara Mellon (had this for ages) The Gift - Cecelia Ahern (I love a Christmas novel!)

Listening to this from Kings College. Oh Holy Night. My absolute favourite carol. Beautiful. 

My home is ready for fun and memories to be made! This year feels extra special, the new addition to our family so taken with the lights, taking in the sights and sounds of this World so new to him. Holding him close and not wanting to share with whoever is waiting!

Wishing all who drop by this small space a thank you & a World full of light and happiness. 

Christmas Wishes & Love,Vikki XX

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Waiting For Hush

No, not the peace and quiet kind, although that is very nice.....I've been waiting (not so patiently) for these Coated Biker Jeans from Hush.
On back order they arrived and were opened with so much anticipation, like a very over excited child on Christmas day. My present to myself, it's all good!

I love the detailing, the zips and padded knees, they feel great on, more than that they make me feel great!! Well worth the wait - & 20% off :-)
I wore them out to a drinks party, with my bright pink & christmassy Boden Blouse now 50% off in the sale, ggggrrrr!

So, last day in work today - ending with an antenatal class at 9.00pm, but then straight to my best friends for a girlie get together! Cant wait! My Christmas starts tonight!!

Wishing you all a happy day whatever you're up to!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Quintessentially English

This weekend has been extra special. My boy and his girl are home for Christmas. 
My brother and his lovely wife and gorgeous new baby girl are home from America. 
& all is right in my World.

It's been a whirl of a weekend, kicking off with the most quintessential of English pastimes - 
Afternoon Tea. 
Near my home the tearoom is the perfect place to escape. It is also a gift and furniture showroom, so perfect for last minute gifts ;-)
Decorated in the most gorgeous wallpapers with amazing lightfittings.
& perfectly chintzy too!
En famille - my heart is full....
 It is so nice to have babies in our family again! Especially when as cute as this in Christmas jumpers.....and sharing first smiles :-)
 & here's what I wore. This dress was the perfect throw on. Eye catching animal print with pockets. Bagged in the sale at Wallis & worn with Lola Cruz boots and blinging bracelet!!

Wishing you the happiest of weeks!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Adding Punch

I love accessories and how they can really make a difference to an outfit. The punch! :-) 
I would include footwear in accessories. I have said before that I think carefully before I part with money, preferring quality over quantity.

Last week we had our annual Pound Secret Santa Jacob's Join! It's mad what you can buy for a pound and I love everyone getting together at work for a little bit of fun (& a sing song)!
It's still a work day, so smart casual is how I roll. 

Obligatory Christmas t-shirt below worn below with Mint Velvet Leggings, which have to be the best leggings you can buy. Excellent quality & a great price too.
 Nice high waistband too, which you can wear rolled over.
Ready to go.....
 Still wearing my leather jacket, the weather is so mild, but I layer up with a gilet & a new skirt from Laundry in Chester.
This cross body bag has been a great buy, lose the strap and it's a lovely soft leather clutch, which I know will age really well. I'm a sucker for a tassle too!!
Oasis have some great coloured clutches at a really good price.

I love the blog Schoolgate Style (even though it is years since I stood at a school gate!!) and when I saw this post I knew I had to have a pair of boots from Helen Bateman. I mean, just look at them!! Chelsea boots, snakeskin, bright purple, eyecatching -  I couldn't click buy fast enough. When you join the mailing list you receive 20% discount. Click Click ;-)
 Lot's of faux fur about this year, particularly scarfs. I snaffled this in Next. It's actually a lovely shade of blue, which doesn't show particularly well in the doesn't shed and feels really good quality.

What do you think? Accessories make all the difference yes?

I hope you are all having fun & achieving whatever you set out to in the busy run up to Christmas. 
Back tomorrow to share what I wore for afternoon tea!