Monday, 29 June 2015

Fitter, Stronger, Leaner

Since October last year I have lost 2 and a half stones in weight.

This has been a slow loss, done sensibly, not a quick fix and definitely not a diet. More a lifestyle change. A combination of running and pilates, but also completely changing my diet due to a realisation I have a slight gluten intolerance, eating protein only meals for breakfast and lunch, juicing daily and cutting down my portion sizes.

Rewind to October and I felt tired, lethargic, bloated and had tummy ache most of the time. My BMI was sitting around 27 - I needed to do something and decided I wanted to do a detox - get everything out of my system and start again.

To kick start I read this book by Jason Vale, aka The Juice Master. It really made me think about the way I ate, what I ate and when. Written in a no nonsense, engaging down to earth way.
It also helped me to prepare for the next stage which was to complete a weeks juice detox, with the help of this book.
The detox went well, I didn't suffer any ill effects, headaches or feel like I wanted to chew my arm off!!! In fact by day 4, I didn't need as many juices as allowed, again normal as after all, Jason Vale's aim is to get you eating when you are hungry not because a book tells you or it is lunch time.

After the initial weeks detox, I then ate protein only for two weeks, using recipes from Turbo Charge.
My energy levels increased, I started running more, my skin was great, I felt motivated.

After the 2 weeks of protein only I slowly introduced my usual diet, but smaller portions, I then
realised the link between my bloating and belly ache and link to gluten/wheat products causing this.

Moving on I now have gluten free when it is the main ingredient, e.g. bread, biscuits, cake, pasta, pastry. Gluten free products tend to be expensive, so if I have biscuits I only have one, whereas before I could easily eat a full packet of Malted Milk!!
I start my day with a wholesome breakfast juice, eat protein only for lunch and a healthy dinner, usually a rice dish, pasta (gluten free), salad or sweet potato (in place of white potato). Dinner is a much smaller portion to what I used to eat, I also try to eat before 6pm although this isn't always possible. I feel so much 'better' - fitter, stronger, leaner.

So tell me....How do you stay healthy?

Friday, 26 June 2015

One Small Step

I have just done something I have been thinking about for way too long......

Over and over in my head - Where am I going? What do I want? What do I enjoy? What could I potentially make a living out of?

I know I work now and I love my job, but in the ever increasing insecure world of the NHS I need to think about where I need to be should things go tits up.

So, back to today - I have enrolled at my local College to study Massage starting in September (I already hold an Infant Massage qualification) - Yay! There has been lots of pondering, discussion and yes, procrastination too to get to this point. This is the first in a number of steps I hope to make in this coming year of wisdom and growth.

Has anyone visiting ever retrained, taken up something new that has led to new opportunities?
Always love to hear :-)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Restorative Beach Day

We are lucky to live only 30 miles from a number of beaches. Surrounded as we are by moorland, woodland and fells it is nice to escape to the sea, the sound & pull of the waves, soft sand underfoot, the feeling of freedom & of course ice cream.

I could sit and gaze at the ever changing landscape for hours :-)

This trip was extra special as it was Sebastian's first visit to the seaside - his wide eyed expression said so much as he took in the waves & endless sand, the feel of it on his feet and raking it with his fingers - he kept rubbing his feet through it & seemed to enjoy it!!

My Daughter true to her childhood roots was off crabbing as soon as we arrived, I was quite happy to sit with Sebastian and 'chat' pointing out new things in his ever expanding world.

The beach we chose for today's trip was Heysham, near Morcambe. A beach with a secret doorway...
Need some false tan on these pins....
Wearing these to death at the moment!
 We have crabs!!!
One very happy baby :-)
 One very happy dog :-)
 The easiest way to travel with a baby! He always plays with his feet when feeding - so cute.
 The end of a beautiful day and memories made.

Whenever I visit the beach, I wonder 'Would I like to live here?'
Which do you prefer - beach or mountains? 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Brightening Up

Yesterday the sun rose on the longest day of 2015. 
Heralding the beginning of Summer & hopefully bringing with it hotter, happy days ahead.
I am hoping for brighter days for myself. Spontaneous days, lying in the sun with a good book days and spending time with my little family which grew by one last year last year and makes my heart sing with joy.

So much I have to be thankful for, yet that can't take away from feelings - the way I feel at the moment. I have a deep rooted sadness that always threatens to engulf me, spill over me, uncontrolled. I always struggle to control it, yet often I have no control, reminders jump in, at the least convenient times. Often at what should be a happy family occasion......

I wonder will I always have it? I truly hope not. I am determined I do not pass this nagging sadness to my children, it is a family matter, yet I hope it does not affect them, their decisions, their ability to feel guilt free for decisions they make in life. I instill in them to be who and to do what they want to do, not be responsible for how other people may react to those decisions.

I write here from the heart, to blog I need to be in a good place, yet I feel this post had to be written, maybe it will help to move me forward, to maybe leave here some of the hurt I currently feel.

Small steps.

My garden is full of the most beautiful wild flowers - I have just picked these below, a cheery addition to the kitchen! :-)

Next Summer Solstice I want to get out and celebrate - I loved reading about some of the celebrations held throughout the UK - the making of floral crowns, the simple lighting of a candle, sailing paper boats  with a blessing to bring love and luck to the finder and sing and dance around a bonfire with a picnic to feast on! Summer Solstice 2016 watch out!

Bye for now, I'm about to get on the sofa and read the blogs
I enjoy & inspire a slower pace of life!
I need it! Have a lovely week, XX