Friday, 31 May 2013

Weekend in Portinscale

Last Bank Holiday weekend Mr.L & I had the most wonderful time, celebrating the 50th birthday's of three friends!
Between us and another 72 people we hired Hawes End Centre a Hostel, consisting of a Mansion House and cottage, sleeping 74 people in total. There are also two yurts available which sleep 12 each.

The weekend was mad - lots of activities and everyone mucking in to share and prepare food, tidy up, turn lights of etc etc!
The first morning a lot of us walked up  Catbells Fell - quite a gentle yet challenging walk being steep and rocky in places. The sun was blazing which was a welcome after the awful weather we have been having :-) The view once at the top was amazing, especially on such a clear day.

Going back we walked along the lakeside through the forest - all having a go at skimming stones, counting how many 'bounces' we managed. Two for me - big WOW!

After lunch it was off to the lake again - this time to go out on the lake in boats. Two  Dragon Boats and a small replica Viking boat. I chose to go on the Viking boat and am so glad I did - the guy taught us to use the sails but also gave us some of the history of the Vikings in that area and the boat itself. We were out for an hour and a half - time flew, it was glorious!
"This is a unique opportunity to get afloat in one of histories most successful, and notorious designs of boat. "Gift of the Gael" is a replica of a genuine "Berlinn" Viking Longship" - PLATTY+

This weekend just took me back years ;-) Obviously being a hostel we were in girl and boy dorms with bunk beds, HA! I was one of the last to arrive so it was a top bunk for moi!
Getting ready for the celebratory Pyjama Party on Saturday was great fun - all prancing about in our underwear, doing each others hair and make-up - it. was. fabulous. Some sneaking about in the night too for some people in fairly new relationships - NAUGHTY!!

It was mad seeing loads of blokes wearing onesies - surreal dancing to Love Cats as lots of them were lions, tigers etc! So funny!
Lovely Mr.L looking FOXY!

My look for the evening -  PJ's and bed head hair!! Half a can of hairspray to create that!

 Sunday we all surfaced rather slowly compared to the previous morning, mmmm wonder why????
A mountain bike ride was planned in Whinlatter Forest  Now I love me some rough terrain on a mountain bike, always have, the trickier the better!
 Unfortunately 20 minutes in I fell off a narrow track and about 20 feet down the sheer drop - yes, really! So, lack of photo's!
I survived, black and blue, but I survived LOL! I was really pleased I managed to grab hold of tree roots and my bike before it & I started the 80 feet of remaining drop. Everyone was more shook up than me - but they SAW it. I'm a tough cookie!!
In the Café - recovering with tea and cake, yum!

 After that back to the Hostel, quick shower and change (and a bathe for my injuries) and it was off to Keswick for a Pitch & Put session. Never played before, great fun and I managed a 3 PAR - is that good?? Only 4 people per group allowed - pic below of the group behind us.

Just had to be a chippy tea after all the excitement!!

Just look who was watching over us all in the Square at Keswick tucking in to Fish & Chips :-)

This week I've been worn out! As well as stiff and sore from my tumble.

But what a memorable weekend with the best friends EVER! Happy 50th Birthday's! XX

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Navy & A Bit Of Sunshine Yellow

I haven't bought anything from Fat Face in a long time, but whilst in Cardiff I saw this maxi dress and just had to treat myself.

It fitted perfectly, gorgeous fabric, navy & white, but with various patterns of fabric - a panel down the front, around the bottom and an insert of lace in the V-neck. You can pop a vest top underneath too on cooler days. 

I also bought this bag from White Stuff, with a 20% discount, so obviously a bargain ;-)
Love the sunny yellow and it will go with lots (I'm sure)!

Here's me!! As you can see I've teamed the dress with a yellow vest............
& walls -  Ooooppppsss!

 Back soon,


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Wise Owl

Do you remember the owl picture I pointed out in my post about the Tania Holland Gallery?
Well, it arrived & I love it! It is simple yet detailed, the colours, lime and an inky green.
It is actually a hand printed lino cut, number 11 of 11 which I think is pretty cool :-) by Artist Fiona Humphrey.
Take a look at more of her art at InkyprintsOriginals

I bought a nice simple black box frame from The Range for under five pounds and only had to trim the picture slightly.


My Wise Owl will appear again soon once hung in his permanent spot!


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My Bedside Table....

When I first started to think about writing a blog, my initial thought was to call it "My Bedside Table".


Because that's where most of my family organisation happens! I read, write, pay bills, check my internet banking, look at ParentPay, book holidays, research....ok, ok, you get the picture!!

I even took photo's for my header photographs...then...went on to Blogger to start to build my blog to discover the domain was taken. Gutted!

I sat with Mr. L, both of us trying out different names. Looking wildly round the room I then came up with it - sat on my sheepskin rug on my sofa I glanced up at my stag's head (remember I said I have a stag fetish?) draped in fairy lights and PING 'sheepskinsandfairylights'.

This is turning into a story! Anyway, I had all these photo's of my bedside table so thought I'd share them in a blog post :-)

As you can see my bedside table is ram jam full!

The rabbit below was a present from my Ma & Pa years ago - it's twin sits beside my Sister's bed! Peep in the basket you can just make out a small wedding day photo of Mr.L & I!

Below, in the ribboned box is a gift from 'C' aka The Best Friend A Girl Could Wish For - it's a beautiful candle by Bahoma London - I am not allowed to burn it until I have burnt the remains of my other candles dotted throughout this house! Does anyone else do that??
Daily essentials - jewellery, Vaseline & Steam Cream (LOVE the tins that this all round moisturiser come's in - 100's to choose from).

Large glass of water - I try to drink 4 or 5 of these a day, especially when I plan to run/cycle - it definitely makes a difference to my performance (& my skin).

 Lamp from Ikea below displaying bits & pieces - the bit of wood from our holiday last year in Corsica - Random!
The rabbit stone is a Medicine Spirit Stone to give positive energy & create balance, mine is for Peace (from my lovely 'C').

Goes without saying - TEA for me the best start to the day - especially in this mug! 

I love the clean smell of the Olive Body Butter from Body Shop. Currently 25% off at Body Shop quote - NEW25 at the till. 
Hand cream for me is a necessity as I've gotten older - currently using Sanctuary which is also a favourite, the fresh smell of the orange zings me awake in the morning. The REN radiant eye gel was a magazine freebie - must. use. eye. gel. more.

 Hope you've enjoyed this peep into the chaos at my bedside!


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Meet Olly

Olly is my gorgeous Springer Spaniel. He is almost 5 years old and I can't believe how much I have come to love him. When we got him he added a whole new dimension to the family, as dogs are prone to do.

He has a lovely calm personality which can be unusual in Springer's as they are often seen as a bit scatty. Obviously he needs exercising regularly but what a great way to get my daily dose of Vitamin D and fresh air. I also enjoy the solitude, especially in the morning's.

Sleepy Pup! 
(Yes, like my children will always be my babies, so too my dog will always be my Pup!)

I just had to give Olly a post all of his own, he's very deserving and we are so lucky *sigh*. Hope you like looking at his pictures as much as  I enjoy photographing him!

Till Tomorrow, XX

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Old Stomping Ground!

Recently Mr. L and I had a quick trip to Anglesey, where my Mum came from and also where I spent most of the six week Summer holiday's with my cousin's - endless exploring and games of Monopoly that lasted the WHOLE six weeks!!!

Pont Britannia (Britannia Bridge)
Gateway from the mainland onto Anglesey

We went to Benllech and took Olly (our Springer Spaniel) on the beach - he absolutely loved running in and out of the waves. We almost walked to Red Wharf Bay, before turning round and getting Fish & Chips, sitting, eating, looking out to sea, catching up in the only way you do when outside :-)

Olly splashing around - my children grew up so we got a dog! ;-)

My lovely Mr.L enjoying a paddle....As you can see a really overcast day - we still had fun though!

We also went up to where my Nan is buried - a pretty little Chapel on the outskirts of Benllech and enjoyed a walk - AGAIN - Olly loved today!!

Olly just has to get in on the action - my cheeky pup!

Aaaaahhhhh, too cute, just stood looking straight at me (willing me to take his picture I'm sure)

Later as we set off for home we decided to find my Aunt's house in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch  (yes, 58 letters and I CAN say it - courtesy of my Mum).

 When translated into English, it means “St. Mary’s Church in the hollow of the While Hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio near the Red Cave”.   The official name is generally shortened to Llanfair PG or Llanfairpwll.

Mr L. above, me below with that cheeky pup again :-D

A trip to the Straits has to include stopping by to say "Hi" to Nelson!

As I looked out at the misty waters of the Straits I thought it's amazing we (my Sister, Cousins and I ) survived!  We used to steal a rowing boat from a garden backing on to the Straits, no oars, no plug, lug it down to the water and take it out using our hands to paddle. As an adult I now realise how dangerous those waters are - but hey, still here rocking it up!!


Back soon,