Saturday, 12 September 2015

Ilse Crawford At Ikea

I recently took a trip to Ikea with my Son and his girlfriend having recently moved into a new home together. I wanted to buy him a desk for his study. He chose the light cork desk from the Sinnerlig collection by Ilse Crawford. So tactile, it brings real warmth to the study. I did joke that maybe we buy a piece of wood and stick cork tiles on top.... but, mmmmm, definitely not quite the same effect as Ilse!!
I love the range,  the rawness and natural qualities of the materials used. The range consists of rugs, cushions, lighting, furniture and pottery. I particularly liked the dark cork desk top - if I were buying I would team with this chair to make the lighter areas really pop.  But,  I have my own desk,  with its own stories. 

This desk,  I've told him must go with him wherever in the World life takes him. This desk is to gathers the marks of the everyday - it's not to be precious about, the marks of different time periods, where all nighters have been pulled,  deadlines reached, coffee rings and stains,  a desk that shows the journey of time, the journey he's taken as he starts his Masters in mathematics and later his PhD. I'm one proud Mama!

Anyone been to Ikea recently? Did you see the Ilse Crawford range? Did you like? XX

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