Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Currently Coveting

This gorgeous oversized painter shirt from H&M

& these lace up, golden heeled beauty's! New Look

Jeans and a leather jacket and I'm good to go!
Anything caught your eye lately?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Parisian Itch

I have an itch, a Parisian itch, which shows no sign of abating.
Although it is a City I know well, I would like to linger longer in Montmartre.
As is so often in City's, we dash through the recommended 'must sees'.

Montmartre, with it's musicians and artists in the square, the morning hustle 
and bustle and the smell of croissants and fresh coffee, the magnificent architecture and overlooking it all the beautiful Sacre Couer. 

As night falls the energy grows and the lights just make it so magical. 

So many colourful characters too, mesmerising, just grab a coffee and people 
watch to your hearts content!

Looking on airbnb I found some really small sweet pied a terres, from as little as £27.00 
per night right in the heart of Montmartre. 


Montmartre, I will be back!
What areas of Paris are your favourites - would love to hear!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Nurturing The Body

Way back in April, I set myself a Thirty Day Challenge. 
& here we are in August! How did that happen?
The challenge was to do yoga daily  - this challenge did not quite work out....
I did do a few sessions.......

I started Pilates one to one sessions at the same time, to improve my back pain - a preventative measure rather than a treatment, which is what I usually go for.

Since my third session my back has been so much better, slowly building up my core muscles, strengthening my back, making connections and improving my flexibility. 

I find myself concentrating on my breathing more and noticing and adjusting my posture. 
Bonus - my tummy is looking flatter too!!

I now attend a class once or twice weekly. 
Although Pilates isn't particularly spiritual, it has enabled me to 'meditate' 
in the calming studio before everyone arrives for class, something I am only able to do when thoroughly chilled - I love it, me time. 

So, the thirty day yoga challenge.....didn't quite work out, but I do do Pilates exercises at home a couple of times a week - this counts right?

Who else does Pilates?
Who manages to motivate themselves to exercise at home?

Monday, 11 August 2014


I took part in a Team Triathlon in June as the cyclist!
The conditions were perfect, no rain, not too hot.

Great fun! I discovered I'm prepared to push myself so much more when I know my 
team mates are waiting for me.

It was hard, really hard - mostly uphill for 7 of the 13 miles - I ended up making up a 
little mantra to myself, which sorry it's so silly I can't share here!! It worked though :-)

The route is used for the Ironman and has been used in both Commonwealth & Olympic Games.
An area of outstanding beauty too which was nice....
Got me a medal too!

Anyone else cycle/do triathlons? What advice would you give?
Do you have a mantra?


Only In America!

I had the most wonderful news yesterday -
my Brother's wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Lila X

I was using WhatsApp all afternoon whilst she was in labour, 
when she mentioned she was happy as the smiling, singing Doctor was on shift.

My Brother and his wife live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Lucy sent a link to the singing Doctor - he sings to all the baby's he's delivered - over 8,000!

I really wanted to share Dr. Jaja's recent interview in the Huffington Post,
he's an absolute legend!

& yes, he did sing to Lila!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Around Here Lately.....

Ok, so I seem to be doing a few of these posts.

Life is crazy, does it ever slow down? I wonder do I do it to myself? Should I just stop? 
What would happen if I did? Would everything fall apart in slow motion? 

I have felt so tired this last week. I had a lovely weekend in Bristol with a friend - Cleveden - it was beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but have been playing catch-up ever since - mainly sleep!!!!

This weekend I have pottered and done little things I have wanted to do for a while.
I went to have some photo's printed, buy frames and a plant pot and some gifts for a 
couple of friends who have recently had baby girl's!

I have numerous jobs to do, said as I look out at my overgrown jungle, but have made a nice cuppa and sat myself here awhile, having caught up with my favourite blogs too ;-)

 Three pictures from the Western Wedding now framed!
(Frame was a pound from Oxfam!)

 Tour de Yorkshire now framed :-) Mr.L happy...

 Two gifts for friends made & ticked off the list!
Heart maps, one Slovakia, one France. Done & done!

 Baby girl presents wrapped!

A gift of heather from a friend now in it's pot!
I love these buckets, cheap and look better with age!

Ok, so I treated myself...but I've liked this for ages. Never bought from JCrew before 
but it seems I'm a large - luckily I reordered and large is on the way!!

Had a night out to celebrate two girls from Running Club completing the 

So tell me, what are you up to?
Promise to be back soon!