Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Open Plan Living

I want my new home to be open plan - 
its such a sociable way to live, to share, to be together. 

No longer do I or Mr.L or the kids need places to retreat to for peace and quiet, 
its just me and Mr.L now and I could always retreat to the bedroom!

This is the chalet Mr.L & I shared with 8 others on holiday - 10 more in a matching chalet next door. It was wonderful - & you didn't miss anything even when in the kitchen!

If this was mine I would add more colour & interest, some bright colour on the walls, soft furnishings and bright artwork. It would be so easy to do with a blank canvas like this.

Every evening we ate here or next door and 20 fitted quite comfortably,
once we brought a few extra chairs from next door!

The views from the balconies...breathtaking!
The second highest chalet was ours! 
 Some of the gals!
 & the guys!
 Having a minute!

Who lives open plan now - who would like to?

Majestic Mountains

No words needed.
Except to say - 
"I love them & the ultimate feeling of peace I feel."

 Magnificent Aguile du Midi - I walked here a few years ago...
& Majestic Mont Blanc
In town.....
& the walk home if we stayed for one apres ski too many & missed the bus!!!

So, tell me, what brings you a feeling of peace?


Sunday, 23 February 2014

52 Week's of Happy (19 & 20/52)

Chasing my tail this last week after a fabulously chilled holiday in the snow!
Such is life! 
Sharing 8 moments that have made me smile over the last 2 weeks!

  • This view!
  • Open plan living - so sociable & you don't miss anything ;-)
  • Creamy Blow Job shots - no really!!
  • This gang - every one of them...
  • Pingu drying on the Aga - sorting out keepsakes, he definitely is one for my Son!
  • Quiet Sunday morning Chai & digestive biscuits - yum!
  • Getting the puppy back after HIS holiday at my Mama & Papa's where I'm sure he has been spoilt!?!?
  • House hunting with my lovely daughter 'A' she and her boyfriend have decided to buy rather than rent and an offer has been accepted - so excited for her :-) Watch this space!

Thank's to all who drop by!

What's made you smile this week?


* This blog hop was started by Jen who writes the lovely Little Birdie Blog - drop by!

Sign's of Spring

Looking out of the window I noticed the first sign's of Spring appearing in my garden.
Delicate white heads bowing to the wind, bringing a sign of hope for 
calmer weather, warmer days, bare legs and sandals!

Chasing my tail but happy to be back!


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Currently Coveting....

Love, lust, covet, want, need, desire, crave, yearn these in my life!

Available soon from Clarks.

Who Likes??

Beginner Running Group Week Three

Another cold rainy week and yet everyone turned up!!
36 in total - what can I say - it's just blowing me and Alex away that so many people want to run!!

We did our usual warm up games - we had asked one of the group to plan a game 
for the group which went down great!

I've said before if you want to run in this area you have to get used to the hills!
& we did a big one - but we crocodiled up!! :-)

This is having everyone in a straight line walking up the hill and the person at the back has to
 run to the front at their pace, everyone encouraging them as they go.
At the top time for a short rest then a leisurely run down. 

As you see the session I described is nothing like the one above!
We like variation, cater to our group and plan ahead, but for anyone following, 
this is Week 3 - my Mother in Law keeps asking me to start a group near her........

Thanks so much for dropping by


Friday, 7 February 2014

Heading For The Snow

Well, I'm all packed - off to Flaine in four and a half hours - 

A week of fun with 18 other's. We have grown from 12 last year....
in a beautiful chalet together.
Sharing. Everything.

My favourite place to be. Up a mountain, the stillness, the clean air, the lightness.
I feel so free when skiing, chilled, clarity of thought, so so relaxed.
It really does feel like a different World - everything left behind.

I love it. With just Mr.L, Us & the kids or friends together.
So, I have planned some posts & will be instagramming without a doubt! :-)

Back next week - 
please call by!

52 Week's of Happy (18/52)

Sharing my smileworthy moments from the week!
Just a passing pleasurable moment, captured in a smile
(& a picture!)

  • Home cooked meals for my family, nothing gives me more pleasure than feeding them wholesome winter warming meals.
  • This tree is decorated differently every month - never fails to raise a smile & brighten my day when I'm passing through!
  • Pretty handmade card with a fish brooch made by a talented friend - so lovely when someone takes the time to make something so beautiful.
  • An impromptu visit to a local art gallery & this in particular! Little tucked up babies safe & warm. More of my visit to follow....

Thanks to all for dropping by - 
wishing you a happy weekend!

* This blog hop was started by Jen who writes the lovely Little Birdie Blog - drop by!