Friday, 28 August 2015

Same But Different

I recently had a wedding to attend. I decided I didn't want to buy anything new and instead wear something already in my wardrobe but  make it look different. No guests from the previous wedding were going to be there so it was safe to do! :-)

I wore my Mint Velvet jumpsuit which I had to put tucks into around the bodice as it was now too big for me - luckily the way it is designed meant I could get away with this.....

I last wore it to a Western Wedding  with cowboy boots, leather bolero & a cowboy hat!
This time round I added a cream jacket, blush coloured gladiator heels and a gorgeous white clutch bag in pebbled leather.

So, there it is - my refashioned wedding outfit!
I'm trying to be frugal with purchases, particularly for occasion wear which may only have one or two trips out. This jumpsuit has had lots of outings, not just for Weddings! :-)

Thanks for dropping by!
Back Soon!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Plumo Autumn

I'm a big Plumo lover & whilst I've been away their latest collection has dropped through my door.

I love the simple aesthetics, the photography backdrops, that the clothes have a raw edge to them, a little different. They also tend to be expensive. However, when I have bought (in the sale) I have always been impressed with the quality (and the compliments!)

So here, if money were no object (& if I had not spent Summer paring back all our my belongings including clothes) are my top picks;

Can just see me dashing through town wearing all the above!
What do you think?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Room With A View

The last night of our Coast to Coast was spent in the most gorgeous B&B. A beautiful Victorian farmhouse lovingly restored in breathtaking countryside. It was a perfect view and perfect for the last night of our holiday. A hot bath in a traditional freestanding roll top painted red, the most comfortable bed and a stack of current magazines - perfection! 

I really want to go back here - there is lots to do in the area of Yorkshire where Greenwick Farm is situated. The garden is an open garden, beautifully planted, unfortunately it was raining when we arrived so didn't get chance to wander properly.

Thanks for visiting! :-)

& So I Did It!!

Hi there! Hope everyone who visits this little spot is enjoying the last few weeks of Summer. 
I have had a busy time of it - at home and work!
I completed my Coast to Coast cycle ride Way Of The Roses in July (gosh - is it really so long?)
I did 190 miles in total in five days. This was due to having to leave and rejoin the route to get to accomodation. We had booked B&B's and friends joined us on the first day and others met us for lunch one day too. It was nice to have some support :-) I followed this guy all week....
Day 1 - started in Morcambe  at The Crown Hotel and ended in Wigglesworth at The Plough
A nice steady day to set me up for the hard Day 2!
Day 2 - Wigglesworth to Pateley Bridge Nidderdale Lodge.
Hard, hard, hard - a mahoosive climb out of Settle - 30% gradient. It was tough!! As you can see - sometimes it got a little too much, gggrrrr........but cooked breakfast gave the energy needed daily!!

Day 3 - Pateley Bridge to Skelton (York) Skelton Grange Farmhouse
Day 4 - Skelton to Huggate Greenwick Farm. Another hard day on account of the rain - spent two hours in a pub waaaaiiitttiiinnngggg for the rain to go - IT DIDN'T!!!
But we still smiled!
Day 5 - Huggate to Bridlington! I did it! I got really emotional - totally unexpected. 

& ate the best & most well deserved chips!

A cross off my bucket list - now - what next?
If you have dropped by before a big thank you for coming back :-)