Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Skincare Game Changer

I have been using Kiehl's long enough now to know it is a game changer for my skin.
Well worth the money, my skin is smoother and brighter. & a little goes a long way!!

I have a typical oily t-zone, drier cheeks and large pores.
Some say oily skin means younger looking skin - so I should be grateful right?

I ordered a moisturiser and for free delivery a replacement facial wash and then 
thought 'sod it' and added the BB Cream to my basket. 
SPF 50 to protect my pigment prone skin, but light and natural looking.

I usually use Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser & had said I would finish my tube before ordering the BB Cream - but - I had bought the 'shimmer' finish for Summer having been talked into it by the sales lady & really do not like it....so Kiehl's BB for me!!

I also placed the order as a gift - well, it is, for me! So my purchases came in the useful box below.

Also a few freebies were thrown in which I have yet to try -
When I do I'll let you know thoughts!

As ever, thanks so much for visiting.

Monday, 16 June 2014

My Kinda Weekend

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my four year old Nephew - 
please bear with my indulgence - here's how it went....He chose his clothes!
 Played Jenga ;-)
 Visited Mrs. Dowsons Farm & drove a tractor!
 Said "hi" to the animals...
 A real lop eared rabbit!!
Dug in the sand
 Built sandcastle's
 Fed the lamb's & calve's
 Ate yummy chocolate ice cream
& played with 'alien babies in orange slime!' 

Thanks for dropping by!
What did you get up to this weekend?

Kindness & A Thank You!

I visited the Manchester Welcoming Spring Market in May. Held in the Orangery in 
St. Ann's Square, one of my favourite places in the City.

Perusing the stalls I discovered the Artist Steve Valentine's work (cool name!)
Beautiful ceramics - I particularly loved his platters - rugged & natural with a depth of colour, with sparkles and a cracked finish that is difficult to capture. 

I bought a platter, went on my way, with my French friends to Primark (cattle market) where someone knocked into me and the bag dropped to the floor. Onto my hands and knees, opened the packaging and......was distraught, it was broken.

I ran back to the stall as fast as I could, I think hard before I buy anything, I have to really really love it, so obviously I had to have another.

I couldn't get over Steve's kindness, he actually gave me another, choosing it with me, pointing out its intricacies and unique qualities.

Steve also gave me the postcards below - the pintail boat sculpture and the platters - 
looking great stacked .

So, thank you so much Steve, this is a tribute to you and your beautiful work!
Click here to see more!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


As I hoped here, whilst my friends were staying - we did share news, laugh, dance, joke & visit new places. I took them to Formby, owned by the National Trust. 
Home to spectacularly  scenic coastal walks and sea views. 

As a child it was also teeming with red squirrels, who would come and feed from your hand. 
You could buy food to give them and me and my siblings would be scrabbling in the paper bag for the last scraps in the hope of hanging on to a squirrel a little longer!!

There are still red squirrels there - I'm told ;-0 but catching even a glimpse of a bushy tail was another thing....probably best to visit in the morning when the feeders are filled with food.

Clinging to the earth, trying to stay 'rooted!'
 Formby has the best sand dunes - kids just love it here - a chance to run, slide down sand hills on your bum, play hide and seek - hell I love it now!
 Hurry up will ya?
 We saw these strange tree's - we decided the strange shape was due to years of wind from the sea - it was the stillest day. It was so weird to see - the photo doesn't capture it.....

The sea - always to be respected,
capable of so much.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mexican Bola

I spoke about Mexican Bola's here.
They are more beautiful in the flesh, with a gentle chiming sound.
Tactile. A keepsake.

Traditionally worn by pregnant women in Mexico, the chime is worn low over your growing bump.
 As you go about your day the soft tinkling chimes soothe baby and continue to do so after baby arrives, helping to soothe and calm. Just gorgeous!

I had the opportunity to buy one for someone special....
I also bought this book, which is divine....scenes of Motherhood beautifully captured 
in the photography, the accompanying writing beautiful too.

I would have loved a Mexican Bola when pregnant -
mine would probably be battered now after being worn 22 years!!
How about you?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

'Another Place' - Antony Gormley

My French friends returned home on Sunday - probably why I'm looking so tired here!

We had a whirlwind few days. One of the highlights was driving to Crosby Beach to see the 100 life size cast iron figures - casts of the Artist Antony Gormley's own body.

The figures stand as if gazing out to sea - up to 1 kilometre out and the exhibition stretches for 3 kilometres along the shore! Amazing sight - a must see!

Olly waiting for the nice man to throw his ball!!
Stylish! :-)
Just throw it will ya.....
We all need hugs!
These jellyfish were everywhere....

Anyone else visited?