Sunday, 29 December 2013


Good Morning!  I do hope you  had the kind of Christmas you wished for?

I have had a wonderful time, my family together is the best gift I could ask for. 
We have walked, talked, shared, visited family and seen younger family member's get sooooo excited when the big man himself came to visit!! Played chess and Family Fortunes
 and best of all had no falling outs!

I am sitting here in pyjamas (& new wrist warmers!), cup of tea, candle lit, puppy snoring at my side, the house silent whilst everyone is deep in sleep. 

A comforting morning ritual which I have enjoyed and wonder if I could get up that 
little bit earlier after the holidays to enjoy this quiet? 
Read, write, think,  maybe do some Yoga?

Those who drop by regularly may notice some changes to the blog - thank you Mr.L!
I have enjoyed writing here more than I imagined I could. It has made me look with fresh eyes at my surroundings, capture moments which can so easily be lost, treasure the simple things & actually slow down, which may surprise you - but writing re-energises me, makes me feel good.

I am so grateful that people drop by and especially leave comments. 
Recently I wrote my 100th post and had my 5,000th visitor - 
couldn't imagine this in my wildest dreams! 
Teeny tiny I know compared to so many fabulous blogs out there, but it's mine! 
Thankyou! XX

I have a lovely new header photograph, my instagram linked - please hop over & take a look 
(the pics aren't as good quality as I would like but they are all taken with my phone - I am patiently waiting for my current contract to end), subscriber and search bars and Google Plus.
 I shall also be updating my favourite blogs, in order of most recently updated.

Most popular posts are also displayed -
 is it any surprise that "I got nailed in Sweden"  is most popular????
 Hmmmm - wonder why???

I will be back later today with my '52 Weeks of Happy'.
I can hear the house coming to life - & I need to think about what to cook for my 
Mama & Papa later today!

Bye for now - I leave you with this lovely link from 1972 - just look at that hair :-)


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Wishes

Wishing all who drop by the most wonderful 

Aga Baked Christmas

I love to bake - often when I am stressed I will find myself baking.
Baking for my family, especially their favourite things really makes me feel good, a provider.
As my children are older, I listen to them when they talk about home & what they miss, 
proudly telling friends how great my rice pudding is! ;-)

This year I only made two Christmas Cakes, one for me, one for my Mama & Papa.
Aga baking produces a different cake every year despite using the same recipe, but always the moistest cake ever!

Ingredients from Aldi
Preparing the fruit to soak a few weeks in alcohol ;-)
Eggs, butter, sugar & treacle
Flour & spices
Mixed in this - the best EVER!
Ready for the oven....

Final pics to follow - cakes iced last night by 'A'

'L's lovely girlfriend 'S' also baked some mince pies for me - they are delicious, so rich.
Bit of a cheat with ready made pastry and the most gorgeous jar of mincemeat.

 Egg glazed
 Yummy! Thanks 'S' XXX

Who else has been baking?What do you do to ease stress??XX

Sunday, 22 December 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (11/52)

Wow, I cant believe this is week 11 of my curated happy moments from the week!

This blog hop was started by Jen who writes the lovely Little Birdie Blog which I drop by regularly! 

So, here goes - 
four moments that have brought a smile to my face
or made me feel warm inside!

  • Home made apple crumble with warm Ambrosia custard - can't beat it on a cold night - just love to see my family tucking in!
  • Finally getting around to sticking invitations (& thank you's, save the dates etc.) received into the back of my spice cupboard - memories saved......when I take something out of the cupboard and catch a glimpse of a memory it is a fabulous feeling - try it!
  • Leading my beginners run group in fancy dress on the worst night I have run in all year - it was so HARD - don't know how people run marathons in fancy dress - I was so wet it felt like I was wearing a suit of armour - not a santa suit!!! But we had fun :-) Bad pic, sorry!
  • These are just wonderful! Bought from Anthropologie, they are pewter and so well made - one each for my Daughter & Son - who incidentally is HOME!!!! Now, my family being together is the best warm fuzzy feeling ever!

What has been giving you the warm fuzzy feeling?


Weekend Wanders York

Late with post's this week - not because I am running around like a 
mad thing on account of Christmas. 

This year, so far, I have had the kind of December I have always dreamed of - 
spending time with family and friends. 
Making memories :-)

I have even had two whole days of pottering at home, watching DVD's in front of a cosy fire with my family is just THE BEST!

Last weekend Mr.L and I went to York, one of my favourite City's, being so picturesque,
 full of some of the oldest buildings & unique streets, some leaning and all higgledy piggledy, 
so much heritage and culture.

& did it feel Christmassy!! 
We visited to go to York Festival of Angels
Snow machines, ice sculptures, excitement in the air, street food, entertainment.

How about this? I would love my Bailey's served like this every time!
With a chocolate flake too - yum!
This banana curry looked wonderful & El Piano are known for vegan, gluten free fabulous food -
 but we had eaten - a must visit for next time...El Piano
A few snapshots of the beautiful buildings, hidden passages - 
York has one of the most striking roof-lines.
York Minster
Map sculpture of the City
Street entertainment! He was amazing! Cool Yoda!
Lovely shops to peruse & windows to admire
The Famous Bettys Tearoom - Stonegate, York
This robin shop was just lovely - thousands of robins of different sizes 
some made from Liberty fabric
As nightfall fell, the City lit up - there was the most fabulous live band - I had a bit of a jig!!
The sculptor at work...
Time for a drink!
We ate at Little Italy - one of York's finest family run Italian restaurants.
Gorgeous & unpretentious with simple d├ęcor, a friendly atmosphere and boxes of 
Panetonne hung from the ceiling.
Such a lovely restaurant, run by Italian women mainly chatting away in their native tongue.
One was making the delicacies below.
Yummy deserts
Amazing day - definitely visiting again next year!

I hope you are managing to spend quality time with loved one's 
this Festive Season!
Has anyone been able to sneak away like me??