Sunday, 16 June 2013

I Got Nailed In Sweden....

Some of you may recognise the tag-line for Swedish Hasbeens!! Got you going there!!

I love clogs and still wear a pair I bought in the late 80's by Red or Dead, they give a comforting clip clop as I walk!

I have always cosseted a pair of Swedish Hasbeens but have always found myself unable to justify spending the money on them.

However whilst reading  The Frugality (one of my fave blogs) :-)  Alexandra had posted about Swedish Hasbeens having produced a much more affordable range - I was straight over to Office!!

These are the Papillon Debutants and are available in the red (which I just had to have being a believer that red goes with EVERYTHING), silver, black, white and a lovely olive green. 

I love that the wood and leather are the same colour.

Not particularly comfortable yet - in truth they ripped my feet to bits :-0 but I shall sit and watch TV and make them more pliable and wear them around the house with a pair of very thick socks!

My Swedish Hasbeens WILL become comfortable and hopefully I shall be wearing them in 24 years time like my Red or Dead pair!! Justified!

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!



  1. Gorgeous colour! Hopefully they will wear in soon - perhaps just wear them around the house for a bit. x

    1. Thank you Claire! I loved the olive green too. Yes, will be wearing them around the house LOTS!! XX