Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Seeing Stars

I shared here the wonderful news that I am going to be a Granny in December!!
My Daughter has embraced pregnancy and is one who glows and looks so healthy & beautiful.
I am so proud of my youngling & know she is going to be an instinctive, responsive Mama.

Here she is at the start of her pregnancy - 
just settling into the little cottage she has bought with her partner.
& last week when we went out to lunch!
Wow, look at that little bump - 30 weeks gone so fast :-)
Wearing her Mexican Bola Necklace, which makes soothing tinkly sounds for her 
Baba to hear and recognise when born!
We painted his bedroom last week - Here's a sneak peak!
 'A' loved some star patterned wallpaper, at £18.00 a roll - lots to spend money on at the moment and I felt we could do better ourselves as we are both creative.......
We painted three walls & the ceiling white and one wall a soft grey.
Then using car sponges we cut out freehand drawn star shapes.
We then printed these onto the wall in red, dark grey and a gorgeous denim blue (which I am now wondering where I can paint in my own house!)
I love how the stars have patterns within them from the holes in the sponge
 and other areas are darker. It's a tiny room perfect for a little one :-)
 Apologies for the picture quality but we didn't finish till very late!!
We had such fun - who needs £18.00 a roll wallpaper?

What do you think? I will share more, soft furnishing's, furniture, lighting etc. as we add to this Baba's room.

As ever thank you so much for your comment's and dropping by!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Rolling Into Autumn

The days are rolling by so quickly, one into another.

Summer has rolled into Autumn and with it that definite nip in the air in the evenings - 
the days though remaining warm enough to bare legs.

You look up and omg - It's October in a few days.....How the hell did that happen?? 
The realisation of this hit as I staggered to the bathroom this morning and looked out of the window to be met by this - beautiful isn't it?
Thoughts of 'Autumnising' my bedroom hit, so that's exactly what I did!
I dug out my very old beautifully worn grey velvet throw for the bed.
 Strung my Moroccan Fairylights around my wardrobe, these are absolutely gorgeous and cast such pretty shadows on the walls as I drift to sleep, cosy under my quilt ;-)

How are you starting to cosy up your home?

Peep Toe Booties

I discovered these whilst enjoying a lovely weekend in Clevedon with my friend - 
once home I could not stop thinking about them and hunted them down,
the way you do when you are obsessed!! 

Eventually I bagged them in Debenhams.

Made by Fly London, they are so comfortable - the perfect transitional shoe. They are also available as a closed toe in some beautiful colours.

I have hardly had them off my feet & the neutral colour-way means that they go with so many of my clothes - work or home....love the tie detail too :-)

I'm going to miss these babies once the toes are getting too chilly!

The thrill of the hunt - what have you been hunting lately?


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Confession Time



Verb - Delay, put off doing

People wouldn't think I was a procrastinator – a lot of it goes on in my head – I may share an intention with Mr.L  or one or two people but I won't shout it….why? 
Because then I can get out of doing it and no-one knows!!

Take Parkrun – Saturday mornings 9 o'clock – lots of my running group post their intention on line – all the people who I have taken from walking to jogging to running -  I may say quietly that I'm going to go too......next morning the pull of a warm bed, a lie in, a cup of tea in said bed........what do I choose? You've got it! ;-)

 Yet I know if I go, I feel so refreshed, have done some exercise and am home before 10am, have seen friends and have energised myself ready for the weekend.

So later when I read about everyone getting themselves up and out I feel mad with myself….

I procrastinate about other things too, main things currently being – I cleaned half the kitchen and sorted out the kitchen cupboards – I enjoyed it, clean tidy cupboards with no unused items or out of date food, wow! The other half...
I painted the two downstairs windows on the front of my house (upstairs was done my a decorator) the front door??? Procrastination rules – the weather is too hot/too cold, it might rain, its too windy, get the picture?
My black leather boots – by the back door for 6 months – waiting – for a polish…………..gggrrrr.

Why do I do this? I have no idea, but my guess is others must do it too?
What do you think? Do you procrastinate? How do you overcome it?

I'm off to clean a pair of boots – yeah right!!!
But - I am going to Parkrun ;-0

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Everyday Essentials

I'm a low maintenance kinda girl,  I tend to find beauty essentials I love & stick with them -
I do mix it up now and again, but predominantly the product is the same, 
just the brand that changes.

I use my Clarisonic three times a week when I am being good with a cheap Aldi Facewash. When not using the Clarisonic I use Kiehl's Facecare - my love of which I've documented here - facial wash, followed by pore minimiser & finishing with moisturiser.

Body care
I'm currently using Sanctuary Spa Orange Bar, followed by their moisturiser
but at weekend I use my REN Moroccan Rose Otto bodywash & oil 
(my secret feel special treat!)

During the day I tend not to wear scent. If I am going out wearing perfume 
I will shower in non-scented Sanex.

Tanned Limbs
This year I am tanned but if I wasn't my go to is Dove. 
I tried Natio before my holiday which smelt deliciously of tangerine and cinnamon, 
good enough to eat ;-) and gave a natural glow

Cheap and cheerful, followed by Moroccan oil on the ends, a spritz of 
L'oreal Salt Spray and a blast with a hairdryer and I'm good to go!!

Love Opi Polish - I have these in a few colours but tend to stick to the same one and buy 
similar colours of a different brand - only the toes.....

My everyday desert island product is mascara. Currently Avon which I'm quite impressed by but really want to try  Benefit They're Real - currently the UK number 1 mascara.
I always wear a tinted moisturiser as I really can't stand the feeling of foundation on my face. The Kiehl's one pictured has an SPF of 50 too.
To add some colour to my very pale skin it's the infamous Bobbi Brown in Powder Pink.

It has got to be The White Company Blanc Handcream which I totally adore. 
I slather it on as I leave for work and spend my journey breathing in the scent....
it has become a calming, soothing ritual that I look forward to!!! 
If I could afford to have one in every room I would!

Habitual wearer of lipcare - one in nearly every bag, pocket, drawer.....
Absolute favourite Burt's Bees Natural Lipcare!

Home Scent
Got to be  Neom Candles - light whilst getting ready for a night out! ;-)

I hope you've enjoyed this post - I enjoyed putting it together!
What are your must have products?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Weekend Wanders

Hello! Blogging Mojo Back!

Took myself off this weekend for a walk around my nearest National Trust property
 Gawthorpe Hall.

The gardens are beautifully set out around the Elizabethan house, known as the 
Downton Abbey of the North.
The building has some beautiful architectural details that have survived the years.
The gardens at the back overlooking the wonderful countryside.
Beautifully kept, love the purple!

I really enjoyed myself, particularly taking photographs.
I keep thinking about getting another National Trust membership, there are so many wonderful places to visit - I really want to visit here!

Thank you for dropping by!