Monday, 2 February 2015

Birthday Fun

Last week was my birthday and I am feeling just a tad spoilt!
Although I had to work and it took me hours to battle home in the snow, I felt loved! Aaaahhhh.
Here are just a few thoughtful gifts I received....
My stag fetish knows no bounds - Mr.L says these are the last stag gifts he buys!! I love that he tries to find something unusual - he gets me every time :-) 
These from my best friend, she knows me sooooooo well!
This ring is beautiful. From the Mama and Papa. Love the aesthetics of Tutti & Co
This from my Daughter. This baby has brought so much love to our lives. 
Waking up to those gorgeous cheeks every morning! Imagine!
I had a lovely night out in Manchester, discovering a new restaurant Thaikhun. In the trendy Spinningfield's area of Manchester. Loved the decor & traditional tuk tuks
We moved on to the Oast House, also in Spinningfield's. 
How pretty? Live music (every night too)!
 Where you choose your drink from an Almanac!! ;-0
 & this was just the start of a fabulous weekend! Fun all the way!

Thanks for dropping by - hope your weekend was fun!


  1. Belated birthday wishes …. from a fellow Aquarian !! XXXX

  2. Happy Birthday!...I love that last photo, it looks like such a great time. What a pretty ring too, that's my taste. I'm so happy you had such a lovely birthday, you deserve it all!