Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Work Wear

I really struggle with work wear - I need an overhaul....
The clothes I wear are ME, I feel comfortable and confident in them,
*yet I feel I should have a separate wardrobe*

I would like to have separate clothes and really do try but it never works out,
 the items I buy sneak into my 'home wear'.

Today I was complimented at work about my choice for today, so thought I'd show you!

 Apologies for the poor quality photo's, more training needed!
I see blog's with four year old's taking better photo's - oh dear!!

& the compliment?
"I love how your socks match your jacket!!"

Any advice out there?

French Connection trousers, River Island distressed boots, Next jacket, Kenneth Cole bag

Saturday, 26 October 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (3/52)

Only a day late this week!

Joining in with Jen from Little Birdie and her '52 Weeks of Happy' 
(although Jen has finished hers!)

So, here are my four happy moments of this week :-)

  • Walking up Ingleborough in Yorkshire (or not due to terrible conditions!!) with great friends - despite the weather we tramped, chatted & laughed whilst sharing Maltesers!
  • My work friend lent me this gorgeous button brooch - she felt sorry for me when I turned up at work to find everybody in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day - NOT wearing pink. 
  • Heart shaped mushroom! :-)

Any simple pleasure that have made you happy this week?


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Running Group

Earlier this year I completed a UK Leadership in Running Fitness Course 
with the aim of starting up a complete beginners running group.
(Supported by my Running Club).

Running is something I try to do twice a week. 

At one time it was about the mileage covered, but now it is about going for a run, 
coming back refreshed & with a smile on my face.

Running is the one thing that also changed my body, mind and fitness level - after years of going to a gym with little if any results. 

You can go any time you feel like, for as long as you like, even if it's a quick ten minutes. 

It's free (apart from a decent pair of trainers) & if you stick out the first couple of weeks it does get easier!

So, I started my group along with a guy named Alex & we were amazed when on the first night eight people turned up! 

They all had more or less the same aims - get fitter, lose weight, breath more easily.....
we now have twenty on the register & last night was week 8.

I can't tell you how proud I am of the individuals who make up the group, 
I LOVE running the group and seeing how improvements are made each week, 
personal goals realised. 
Support & encouragement given to each other.
Most importantly we have FUN! :-)

They make me smile. They have no idea how much THEY motivate ME!

Anyone interested in completing a Running Fitness Course, 
take a look here - it's free - you won't regret it!!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (2/52)

So, here I am - late already!
Ideally I would like to do this post on a Friday, but you know how life can get in the way!

Although a lot of people will have finished their 52 Weeks of Happy, 
I think it is something that I am going to enjoy.

Quite often it's the little things that make you smile or feel comforted -  
so here are my four happy moments and simple pleasures to share this week.

  • Cooking 'Carrot, Cumin & Kidney Bean Soup' recipe by the inimitable Ms Jack Monroe. 'Twas delicious as well as cheap and wholesome - in fact I have cooked another pan tonight! Can't wait for her book to come out in February.
  • Spending the day with 'C' (aka the best friend a girl could wish for!) and laughing till we almost cried at the cards in Paperchase. My choice is the card on the right (say no more lol)!!
  • This beautifully wrapped bar of chocolate all the way from Portugal from my friend 'J' - it will be a shame to open it!
  • I had to move offices at work due to a change in my role. Sad to leave the girls I've shared an office with for so long, but it makes sense to put me where I am now. It made me look afresh at my little nicknack's I always have on my desk. Memories.

What simple things have made you happy this week?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The long & short of it!

Hair that is.
 I am so bad at looking after my hair. 
I have it cut and coloured, turn around and find it's a year later. 

 I will never be a lady who has a wash & blow dry weekly but I would 
like to try to have a wash, cut and blow every 3 or 4 months.

 I go to the college for my hair cut - the students desperately need people to practice on - 
 the princely sum of £10.00 includes a relaxing head massage :-)

 I always book in with a year 3 student (I'm not that brave) & in the 6 years I
 have been going have NEVER had a horrendous experience 
(or cried - but I'm too old to cry over a bad hair cut now!!!)

So, here I am last week!

& here I am with a lighter head!

Next week I am having some colour added.....
just for Autumn ;-)

So, are you for long or easy care short hair?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Currently Coveting

I have wanted a leather jacket for the last 3 years, 
but most are black which I cannot wear with my pale skin,
 too long in the arm (very long arms) too tight in the arm (?butch arms), 
hard leather blah, blah, blah, but also I have never been happy to part with the money.
My frugal gene kicks in!
 I can even be at the till and change my mind! Guilt!

But, just look at this navy beauty. 
If it is like the other jackets I have tried on in Oasis in black, it will be the softest leather,
 fit me well and not make me look like death warmed up ;-)

I am justifying it constantly - ha!

It will last me years
I will wear it loads
It will go with everything 
It can be dressed up
It can be dressed down 
Great transitional piece
Soften with age
Look better with age
You get the picture??

What are you currently coveting?


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Find a penny

pick it up & all the day you'll have good luck!

Wishing you all a lucky Monday!

52 Weeks of Happy (1/52)

I have discovered a few new blogs recently which I shall add to my side bar sooooooon!

One in particular, Jen at Little Birdie started this blog hop a year ago....
always late to the party - that's me haha! 
She has just posted her 52/52 'Weeks of Happy'.

I so wish I had seen this, I think it is such a marvellous idea. 
Looking back on your week, being in the moment (albeit with a camera!) 
and capturing the little moments that make you happy or smile.

So I am going to curate my four happy moments and simple pleasures 
to share here each week.

  • Reading 'In Style' for £2.00 with the gorgeous Drew Barrymore on the cover, whilst enjoying my favourite drink :-) 
  • Putting my sumptuously warm velvet throw on the bed ready for colder nights.
  • My Daughter leaping off the couch announcing she felt like baking and producing this lovely moist marble cake - YUM!
  • Rob Ryan tape for brightening up plain wrapping paper

What simple pleasures have made you smile this week?


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Good For The Soul

That's what is said about having a good clear out!

Just look at these photo's of our study.....
minging! A disgrace!

Unloved, unused and in danger of becoming a dumping ground.

Our home is for sale as now with our Son at Uni and our Daughter rarely here there is so much of our home underused.

So for now I have decided to give it a good clean and try to use it more and 
make it my own space :-)

It's a beautiful room with a stone wall, beams and a big old oak desk complete with inkwell. The piano is in here and I am proud to say it is played regularly although you 
would never think so looking at these pictures!!

You would think it is never played - it is!! Almost daily! :-0
Filthy - wouldn't invite Kim & Aggy here - field day!
Much loved but very LUMPY chair...
Forgotten about books rediscovered...
& music too :-)
Freshly hoovered wall - YES hoovered! Homes for spiders gone...
Looking cleaner
Old radio - going into daily use :-)
The bookcase is very old and was given to me by a Doctor I worked with
Comfier with a cushion...
How majestic are stags? Just so, so beautiful!
The little things that make the difference
Really love this bottle, the shape & colour - 
& how vivid do these flowers look against the red?
New light fitting - £2.50 Asda lol!
Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci curtain - old - Ikea 
So now you'll find me in here :-)

Love feeling like I've achieved something at weekend - 
It is good for the soul!

What are you up to this weekend?

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Celebrating Diversity

I attended an Award Ceremony on Thursday evening (really wish I had photographed my outfit!) with my friend and colleague J. 

We were attending on behalf of work following a project that 
J and I have recently worked on.

It was a fabulous night celebrating the amazing achievements of 
national companies, small business's, groups and individuals all demonstrating real 
and ongoing commitment to inclusion and equality and working to improve 
the lives of lesbian, gay,bisexual and transsexual people. 

Of course the legislation of Same-Sex Marriage made 2013 an historic year so there was more to celebrate! :-)

Held at the Radisson Hotel Manchester  (sumptuous, amazing art and sculpture - 
I was dying to whip my camera out and could have snapped all night but didn't
 feel it was appropriate - & organised by the

Useful lunch bag!
 Pretty flowers ;-)
 Signs of a good night....

Fabulous Night - 
Now ready to have a chilled out Saturday!
Hope you are too?