Saturday, 31 August 2013

Art at Brimham Rocks

Just wanted to show these pretty outdoor installations by Artist Linda Thompson,
 inspired by the wonderful surroundings.

Forgot to make a wish in the Fairy Ring - I'll just have to go back!


Hope you like them too!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Au Revoir......

I'm off to France to see my French friend's!

Flying alone from my nest for a few days :-)

I'm sure that I will be catching up with all that's happened in the year since I last saw them.

Also partying Saturday for Marie's 50th Birthday, eating into the small hours, drinking home made Punch, chilling, swimming and sipping coffee in laid back Coffee Shop's.

This year has been the strangest year for me - I never usually go away as much as this!!!

It's given me something to write about anyway! :-)


Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Did a bit more Weekend Wandering than usual - well, it was a Bank Holiday :-)

Mr.L rode his bike to Gargrave and I met him at The Dalesman Tearoom & Sweet Emporium -
 a favourite amongst cyclists

With stone flag floors, old fireplaces and it's mix of tables and chairs
 it had a welcoming atmosphere.
Everywhere I looked there was some sort of interesting vintage artefact.

I had a Fizzy Floater - must have been about 12 when I last had one of these! Haha!
And it was delicious! :-)

 The Sweet Emporium was rammed with all the best old favourites.
Fabulous? Yes!

Before leaving I checked out.........

Love these tiles!

The cute little private back garden.

Opposite is a river with pretty banks where lots of families were enjoying the hot weather
 before it disappears.........

& I enjoyed some time walking with one man and his dog.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Weekend Wanders....

I do hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday achieving what you set out to:-)

In this beautiful leather notebook is a list. 
A list of places, both home & away that I would like to visit. 
I also record tips for if I do actually visit that place!

One such place, being only 50 miles away, is Brimham Rocks.
In my book for five years - five years!!!

Anyway, this weekend I made it there & I'm so happy I did :-)
It is absolutely *breathtaking*

A fabulous day out, I could just hear excited children & enjoyed watching their reaction's as they rounded the corner & first set eyes on the best natural playground ever!

 Olly just HAD to join me!

It is so difficult to find words to describe this phenomenon - it's unbelievable.....
Everybody - just go visit!!!

There are rock formations throughout the forest - but when you see them altogether like this, its just *wow*

Owned by the National Trust, I love how they have incorporated the
 natural rock formations into the buildings.

Even the roof...

This looks like a dinosaur sticking out of the side of the house! ;-)

So, if you ever find yourself around Harrogate, Brimham Rocks is a must see.
My Big Kid & I had great fun!

 As did the Pup!

Back with more wandering soon,

Friday, 23 August 2013

A Spot of Bother....

Recently my skin has 'been bothering me,' a few spots around my jaw line & blocked pores.

Some of it down to using more sun screen this year YAY - SUN, but I have never found one that doesn't seem to block my pores - any recommendations out there?

Probably some lazy nights when I haven't cared for my skin as I should. 

So, I needed to do something.....

I remembered using some skin care products for problem skin belonging to my Sister some years ago, although I only used them once or twice, my skin was noticeably improved.

I did a Google & found MD Formulations on the internet & decided to purchase an
 Anti-blemish Solution Kit.

 I'm going to start using it this weekend & shall report back in a week!

It is a simple regimen - especially as I have little patience for massaging serums, lotions & potions into my skin - maybe this is something I should change??

Four steps in the morning & three steps in the evening, 
with a clearing complex & antioxidant eye cream also included.

Find MD Formulations here.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Palnackie, Palnackie, Palnackie

Oh, gorgeous Palnackie! *SIGH*

I spent a few days here last week with family in their little fisherman's cottage which they have renovated. 

Small but perfect in every way - it was so relaxing.

I was gutted as I had forgotten my camera, ggggrrrrr!!! 
Can you imagine, all the missed opportunities...

Palnackie is in Kirkcudbrightshire, just into Scotland in the Region of Dumfries & Galloway.

 There are only 200 resident's in Palnackie and I would imagine that most people know each other!

The old Port is currently being renovated & I hope to visit again once it's finished :-)

We went to the little beach about 45 minutes walk away - beautiful white sand, clear sea - we swam! 
I know! In Scotland! Not another soul in sight. Perfect!

There was everything - you could not pick a better place for a holiday home - Mountains, Forests, Beaches, Little Villages with pretty shops to peruse, all within a couple of miles. 

Not forgetting Dalbeattie Forest 7 Stanes  for mountain biking which is part of the renowned 7 Stanes.

How on earth did they find such a place I wondered.

 It was as a result of spending many childhood holidays nearby in their caravan that led them to Palnackie.

Never mind Holiday Home - I. Want. To. Live. There.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Mehndi Hands....

belonging to a friend!!

How beautiful is this henna?  Some will know I love henna - you only have to see my feet!

Apparantly this pattern, being more floral is Arabic.

Henna art is quite a skill. The henna is applied, usually freehand straight from the tube and as you can see is a dark green almost black. 

The trick then is to leave it on until it dries without smudging! 
Claire had to drive home so carefully!

Here it is once dried, I really like the colour. 
To preserve the colour Claire was advised to use lemon juice. 
A friend who has a beauty salon advises her clients to use menthol rub!
 For me, I think it looks more beautiful as it fades.

Back soon to tell you about my trip to Palnackie!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Weekend Wanders

I had a wonderful weekend! As you know I am a keen cyclist - both road and mountain.
 This weekend I tried to organise a ride but only one friend was available. 

Anyway, we decided to do some Mountain Bike Trails near home - 'S' has quite a number of years on me (she won't mind me saying) and still enjoys tackling the rough stuff whilst whooping for joy! She still does what she loves and I hope I continue to do so when her age!

As I have been doing so much cycling I have treated myself to some new cycling specific clothing from  local Cycle Shop  The Green Jersey  run by the coolest people! 

A really social cycle shop I am heading back to sample the cake!

Whilst perusing the ladies wear  they told me about their sister internet company 

Anyone looking for women specific sports wear for cycling, running, triathlons or the gym should take a look here!

I got this lovely Pearl Izumi top - very pink I know, but in the sale (I like a bargain)!

Whilst on the website I noticed this cycling skirt which I would like to see in the flesh - 
comfy padded shorts hidden beneath - pretty isn't it?
Cycling in a skirt - yay I say!

I bought these in another cycle shop after a haggle as I could get them cheaper elsewhere on line  - I seem to be developing a pink theme lol!

Tried them for the first time this weekend and they were great...

I met a friend I have not seen in a while for coffee on Sunday. 

We spent the best part of four hours catching up. It's surprising how with good friends you can go a while and then just pick up where you left off.

One comment she made was "Gosh, I've never known you in one place for four hours - you used to be rushing here, there and everywhere!"

It got me to thinking how life has changed over the last few years. 

My children, being 18 & 20, less dependant, not taking on as many demands, learning to say "No", realising there is nothing wrong with delegation and taking time out for myself without the associated guilt I used to have. 

As long as my kitchen & bathroom are clean the rest can wait!

I try to spend as much time out in the fresh air as possible & seize the day - those feel good hormones make me more chilled - and maybe that's what my friend noticed today.

I hope you have had a great weekend & achieved what you set out to!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Weekend Wanders...

No time for any wandering this weekend! It was Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to work I go :-(

Running into T**co for a lunch time butty on Friday I spied this lovely skirt.

The blue caught my eye & as I've mentioned previously  I have recently found myself attracted to varying shades of the hue! Quick try on & it was a no brainer!

Here I am at 2.00am after wearing it to a 40th Birthday Party! 
(Don't look at the background chaos!!)

Have I told you I LOVE Stags??? LOL!
Well, when I got into work this morning look what was sat on my desk!
Isn't he just gorgeous?

 My lovely friend Julie had seen it whilst on her Weekend Wanders 
& said she just had to treat me!

How lucky am I to have such wonderful friends? 

I'm off to Scotland tomorrow with my Son, his Girlie & her Mum - 
Back with photo's no doubt.