Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mon Amie Fran├žaise

In 2001 whilst enjoying a family holiday in Brittany, my Daughter found herself a French friend.
Her parents came over to check out where their daughter was spending time, as any good parents would. We chatted and discovered that 'JL' and Mr.L worked for the same company!!! 

Now, when I go on holiday it's about replenishing myself - I read, walk, rest, enjoy leisurely breakfast's and easy lunches. I don't get friendly with the people holidaying next to me, I definitely don't enjoy BBQ's with them - is that bad??

The next day at the beach we were next to 'JL' & 'M', the night after that we were at the same restaurant, our paths kept crossing.......on their last night they called by and asked us to go to the club house with them. We did......I'm so glad we did! We sang on the karaoke en famille, danced, laughed. At the end of the night 'M' asked to swap contact details. 
I did and thought no more of it.

When we returned home 'M' made contact - she rang, emailed, wrote. I am so glad she was persistent, I have enjoyed the most fantastic friendship I could so easily have missed out on.......

We have holidayed together, our families intertwining as our children have grown. 
We have supported each other with the trials and tribulations of life. 

This evening 'M' arrives with her friend for a short break. I am so excited to see her, share news and visit some new (to her) places. Adventures!
My friend 'J' with 'M' last year at Sacre Coeur.

Anyone reading made friend's when you least expected to?

Monday, 26 May 2014

A New Local!

A Wetherspoon's has opened in the small town I live in, beautifully renovated, I am loving the colour scheme, stonework, stained glass windows and light fittings! All of it!

Wetherspoon's don't tend to have a great reputation....yet they tend to take on historic buildings, renovating them to their former glory, spending millions in the process, sell a great collection of specialist draught ales - blueberry bitter anyone??? and cheap and cheerful food with the ability to accommodate large numbers of people without notice. What's not to love?

Gorgeous - what do you think?


I have had the most wonderful weekend. Alone in the main, 
just the company of the pup, Mr.L at a stag weekend. 

Solitude is good for my soul. Not to be confused with loneliness. 
It clears my head, I am mindful and self aware, taking in sounds, smells, surroundings.
Really being in the moment...

I have walked lots, read, made plans, enjoyed a couple of glasses of Prosecco! 
I thought I'd share photograph's of the everyday walk I take with the pup - also good for my soul!
This quarry is right behind our house - the kid's used to camp here 
throughout Summer with friend's!
 Olly's favourite way!
 This tree growing at a 45 degree angle - a favourite place to stop...

In all her glory - don't walk up here every day though! Ha!

Hope you have had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!
Who else enjoys solitude?

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Chocolate Hedgehog Cake

I thought I'd share with you the cake my children would demand for their 
birthdays when they were small. 

They thought I was the most wonderful, clever Mama in the world when I produced it!! 
Aaaahhhh, too cute!

I made this last week for my Son's 21st - and guess what - 
they loved it again and proudly told their partner's what a wonderful, clever Mama I am!! 
The mixture is a basic sponge recipe - just add cocoa powder to a pale brown - 
it will go darker as it bakes as you can see below....bake in a moderate 
oven for 35 minutes until springy to touch.
Butter icing to decorate - again with added cocoa powder :-)
Add 'spikes' using Minstrel's and Button's, shape a nose with the butter icing.

Ta-dah - simples!

Friday, 16 May 2014


I'm trying!

Readjustment - adjust, alter, adapt, re-acclimate, reconcile, regulate.

All  those things and more...I prefer "Roll with it". 

It takes time - the tidiness I can get used to - but the quiet.....
It's four weeks now since 'A' left for her new home & life, I see her lots, 
despite this I miss her lots too. & my boy.

Life is rolling on, Mr.L & I are embracing the changes and looking forward to all that life has to offer. We are trying new things, adopting new routine's, enjoying each other's company and talking about our dream's. We want to travel, see more of the World. 

We are ready for our next chapter. I hope it involves a cosy cottage too - & soon. 

It's not that I don't love this old house of mine, I do, I've preserved it, worked with its quirks, hopefully it will stand for another 350 years, but it's ready for a new family to grow and fill it with noise (not that we don't when we're all together). 

But it's a family house, too big for just 2 and a puppy! :-) My Son says "Why don't you just let me have it??" If only!

Family - it's definitely where the heart is.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Precious Night's

We had a wonderful evening a week or so ago with our friend's who marry 
next month in  Western Wedding style - that has come around so quickly.....

Kris had been busy making prop's for the wedding and they wanted to try 
out some of the small details that will make their wedding so, well, their's! 
Still lots of secrets though!!
Man talk...
Lot's of Lovin'
& this! As soon as I saw it I knew it was the work of Steve Blaylock - 
turn's out it was an engagement present from his Daughter - 
she and Leanne are good friend's
Wow - what a beautiful engagement present!

Gorgeous fun night!
Did you pick out any of the Western themes?

Wearing Mango jumpsuit, Jack Wolfskin fleece and  Clarks yellow western boots.