Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dinner For One

Mr.L has been away this week. What to eat?
Found this spinach, artichoke and mozzarella dip from Wildly Delicious in a little deli.
Delicious & simple! With a glass of red!

What do you cook if it's just dinner for one?

Light & Shadow

 It's Saturday!
It's a beautiful Spring Day - let's go!

What are you up to?

Thursday, 27 March 2014


The internet is awash with selfies - 
Loads of people take them, especially users of social networks.
& me....& probably you!

The last week or so Cancer Research has benefited hugely from the campaign #nomakeupselfie - simple to do, take a pic of yourself, post to your social network, using the hashtag & text the word 'BEAT' to 70099 - over 8 million pounds has been raised to fund lifesaving research - WOW!

Lots of people will #selfie without even thinking about it, reaction to it not crossing minds, potential comments it may bring not considered, but for young people a #selfie can be a really big deal. 

Young people will spend ages perfecting their selfie, right lighting, positioning of body, face, choosing the way they want to portray themselves. 
But then the angst sets in. Why has no-one liked it? Why hasn't suchabody commented?Should I delete it - it's been on 10 minutes now and not one like? Why has suchabody liked it? Weird!!!

Everyone hates me, I must be ugly......a detrimental comment can plummet self esteem, just as lots of likes and "you're looking gorgeous" can make a heart sing. 

We spend so much time boosting our children, telling them how wonderful they are, building their confidence, guiding them and helping them to deal with the sh*t that life throws at them, then they throw it all open to people who have no place or meaning in their lives.

I wonder how I would have coped in this world of networking and the access that the internet provides as a teenager? I fear not well....

Take a listen to this song - 
#SELFIE by The Chainsmokers - food for thought!
It will have you dancing too!

Hard for some young people nowadays.
How do you make your children resilient?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Little Gift's!

I nipped into my local NEXT and have to say I was really impressed by the 
decorative accessories and homewares. 
A really good varied range is available and perfect for putting the finishing touches to a home, no matter what your style of decor. 
Whilst in there I had to treat my youngest and her beau as they buy their first home :-)

 This is for 'S'
 & this for my Daughter!!!!

Anyone else visited NEXT Homewares recently?

Mugs here & Loved sign here.

Declaration's of Love

I love to visit the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris passing over the Seine. 

A must visit, the hundreds of thousands of 'love locks' have to be seen!
Some are simple, with names or initials inscribed, some painstakingly 
hand decorated and beautifully painted.

The padlock is fastened to the bridge, or as you see below lamp posts & the key thrown into the Seine symbolising unbreakable love, aaaahhhh!

From Russia with love! :-)

Wishing unbreakable love to my Daughter 'A' as she buys her first home with her 
lovely boyfriend 'S'........

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Up early to take my Running Group to their first ever Parkrun.

Fast approaching Week 10, from getting them from walking, to jogging 
to fully fledged runner's(!) we need to ensure they continue running :-)

Parkrun is a wonderful timed run - every Saturday at 9:00am right across the UK 
(& Europe) thousands of people run together - people of all ages, sizes, ability, families, friends - its a wonderful atmosphere, very supportive & it's FREE!

& afterwards we are off to the pub for a well deserved breakfast!!

Here I am ready to go wearing my Gap Leggings which I am really impressed
 with and love the pattern! :-)

 Who else has a Parkrun nearby? Has anyone done a Parkrun?
Wishing all who drop by a wonderful weekend! :-)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Worth The Wait

Take a look at these! I love, love, love them! 
New in at Clarks they are really good quality, leather lined, really 
comfy and less than half the price of other skater shoes. 
Animal print gorgeousness, can't wait to get out in them...
 Two more styles to choose from too :-) So stylish.....
Even the sole is eye catching!

Initially wary of trying out this trend for fear of looking like I have feet the size of a barge, I'm so glad I took the plunge & pressed the button!

Anyone else embraced the 'skater' trend?

More Clarks footwear here & here. Cool rug from Urban Outfitters :-)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Kiehl's Fest

A trip to the Trafford Centre at weekend to replace some must have beauty products found me at the Kiehl's counter, awe struck at the beautiful skin they all had! 

Obviously they all use the products.....I hope!!
I needed a new cleanser so decided to see what they would recommend for me. I had a skin test which showed I have normal skin with large pores.

Luckily I had gone makeupless as they wanted me to try it on my face (well, makes sense I suppose!) Lovely smelling and slightly grainy texture I decided to buy.

 So this morning before work I had a Kiehl's fest as I had been given a few samples.

  • I washed using my new Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and will report whether it's a game changer or not.
  • I applied the Ultra Facial Toner, which again felt wonderful. I am always a little suspect of toner viewing it as expensive stingy water. This was actually a thick milky substance that went on and soaked in nicely leaving my skin refreshed.
  • The Ultra Facial Cream was next, it was quite thick but I was pleasantly surprised by how little was needed and how well it soaked in. My skin felt silky soft and nourished all day (went makeupless to work too today - office day!)
  • I know I need to use some sort of eye cream - I'm at that age. The Creamy Eye Treatment is an unusual product - very sticky, you place it on your little finger's then rub them together to make a thinner slippier product (the stickiness disappears) that you can apply more easily but the texture ensures it stays where you put it!
  • Next up Creme de Corps with it's iconic status - very thick yet easy to rub in, it left my legs with a slight sheen. The scent is very subtle, too subtle for me and my skin felt no different to when I use much cheaper body moisturiser.
The lovely Kiehl's lady invited me to have a free 40 minute facial in April - hell yeah, 
I'm there. Afterwards I'm sure I will be encouraged to buy lots of wonderful  
Kiehl's facial products!!

How about you? Do you try new products?
Who's tried Kiehl's?

Pretty Girlie

My friend 'J' recently moved into a new home.
She needed a new start, a fresh page, for life to begin anew.
She has embraced turning her house into home with renewed energy & is loving every minute, displaying beautiful objects she has created the most girlie French 
inspired bedroom I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping in ('J' is also very generous!)
 Treasured memento's - Parisian Postcard's
 Yes, I can imagine bubbles whilst reclining on the sumptuous bed!
 Prettily wrapped soaps - too nice to use....
 Another slice of Paris - such a lucky carboot find!
 We all need pretty shoes!!
 Choosing outfits is even nicer with wardrobe interiors like this!
 Pretty blouse hung ready for the house warming party...
 How gorgeous does the refraction of light through the bed-knobs look?
 So pretty :-)
It certainly is...

Thankyou for dropping by - 
Hope you've enjoyed this pretty post?