Sunday, 19 April 2015

Red Sky At Night

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the most delightful lady.
The artist who painted this.....
a small painting I treated myself to at my Pilates studio Christmas Fair.

Mixed media artwork. It's absolutely beautiful. Painted by Helen Kaminsky

I took a look at Helen's website, looking for something for my en-suite.
Helen had just added some new work, not only that she was on her way up North and agreed to bring a few pieces with her for me to choose from!

Here is what I chose....It is called Red Sky at Night
The more I look , the more I see. The colours are so vibrant (difficult to capture on film)
I have tried to photograph the silver and gold nets (fishing nets in the sea!)
 I love how Helen initials her paintings, wherever she can fit them!

So, thank you Helen, I absolutely love it and will treasure forever I'm sure.
Now not going in the en-suite, heading for my bedroom!
Helen Kaminsky - get lost in her wonderful blog....

Hope you like my new artwork!
Happy Sunday!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sunday Funday

What a wonderful day I had yesterday. 
Plethora of photographs coming up on account of my new camera!!

Along with my Son & his girlfriend, Hubby & Pup we visited the Lancaster area, namely two small villages; Hornby & Wray. Wray holds a Scarecrow Festival at the end of April which I will be returning for.....I'd like to live there too, it's gorgeous!

We walked, found new cycle trails, made plans to buy a cycle trailer so we can take Sebastian with us when he is a little older (if his Mama will let us pinch him!!) and played, yes, played on a play area outside the gorgeous Bridge House Farm Tearoom (after we had enjoyed cake and coffee!)


Hope you had a fun Sunday!
Nothing better than fun and laughter - 
good for the soul!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

I Capture The Castle #TheYearInBooks

Wow. I'm doing not bad on the reading front. 
Certainly joining with Laura and her Year in Books has got me back into reading. 
Very grateful!

So my last book was not what I thought at all!! I think I thought it was this! LOL!
My choice - Destinations turned out to be a selection of short stories. 
Perfect for getting back into reading!

So this morning I perused my messy bookcase.......
& chose I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith, which I have been meaning to read for a long time!
Preferably whilst lounging in bed!

Hopefully I will finish before the end of the month this time!

What are you currently reading?
Why not join in with Laura?

Today I Ran

I don't know how far. I don't know how fast.
& that doesn't bother me.
It's about how I feel, sinking in my surroundings.
What I do know is it was at a good pace and non stop for an hour and twenty minutes.

These days I run for fun. I love it - & so does the pup!
With the wind in my hair, the sound of the waves on the reservoir and the smell of pine trees in my nose ;-) It's wonderful!

A couple of weeks ago I did my first fell race - I still haven't checked my time. It was 5 miles, 2.5 uphill. For me it was about running it without stopping, getting up there and getting down. It's a challenge I set myself in January. & I did it! & I will be doing more.....

Not me today - this was taken after my first ever fell race. Mud up to my knees, still smiling, looking like a pixie!!

When I started running it was because I knew I needed to do some cardio vascular exercise. 
I never thought I would grow to love it!

Great to be outside in this lovely spring weather!
Hope you've had a good weekend & got outside.

Friday, 10 April 2015

House Full Of Flowers

A pretty floral post to start the weekend!
A couple of weeks ago I returned home from work to flowers dotted about the place.
They have been brightening my day ever since and are still (mostly) blooming.
(Thankyou Mr.L X)

Not flowers I know, these two small cactus were favours from a friends wedding.
On instagram I posted the ice cream's my daughter and I were enjoying and someone said the pots would look cute with cactus in them - so I fished them out of the bin and voila!
I love instagram for that!

Wishing you a happy happy weekend!
Lets hope the sun keeps shining!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Currently Coveting

It's good to set goals, even better to achieve them. 
& what better way to reward yourself when you do reach your goals than to treat yourself?
Currently wanting to reward myself with this lovely Sweaty Betty Training Skort

Who else rewards themselves for achievements?

Just need a 20% discount code now!!!

Monday, 6 April 2015

So Many Shades - So Little Time

Yesterday I posted before and after pics of my recent en-suite overhaul. So hard to choose colours - so many available. I actually enlisted the help of my lovely friend, who has a wonderful eye for styling and colour (although she has a white home!) 

I wanted the en-suite to tie in with my bedroom, which has evolved slowly over the last few years. With neutral walls and flooring, colour and interest has been added through pictures, textiles, cushions and accessories, many with blue/grey shades. 'C' helped me to compare colours and pointed out that grey WOULD look great as all the colours in my en-suite are earth colours, something I hadn't thought about (I have a thing for grey at the moment) and it would make the visual link with the master bedroom I was looking for.

Here are some pictures of my bedroom, with aforementioned blues and greys!
Doorway to the en-suite where the new grey can be seen....

Who else has difficulty choosing paint colours?
How do you choose?

Many Thanks for dropping by! :-)