Saturday, 31 October 2015

Winter Wedding Outfit

One thing I can do whilst recuperating is cruise the www. Good thing? Bad thing? One thing's for sure, I will probably be doing all my Christmas shopping online. 

Oh no!! Did I just say the 'C' word??!! I am definitely going stir crazy - first for everything! ;-)

So, I have a wedding to go to in December. Another wedding to which I can wear my trusty Mint Velvet Jumpsuit  - already worn to three Weddings - all different guests!

With it being a winter wedding I thought it would be nice to add jewel coloured accessories. I discovered that Next currently have some gorgeous red berry shades. Perfect!

Although not all the exact shade, you can't tell unless next to each other which they won't be :-)
 I just adore this bag, which will add a hit of colour to my grey and navy wardrobe!
& tassels, look at the tassels!!
 Despite the height they are comfy......for a walk around the bedroom anyhow......
I think they will look great with skinny jeans and a berry roll neck I have.
 Full ensemble.....fur jacket to keep me cosy in church! 
 I wasn't sure about the scarf but my friend pointed out that it has an aztec pattern like the jumpsuit, so keeper :-) 
Although I have obviously spent quite a bit of money, I feel I have saved by not feeling the need to buy a new outfit. That jumpsuit is the best money I ever spent, comfortable and cool!

If anyone can advise me about a berry lip I'd be really grateful!
Bye for now lovely people!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Everyday Essentials

Hi there! ;-)

I'm planning on a rather large purge of my toiletries - & a complete ban on allowing myself to buy any until I have used all the body lotions, potions & perfumes in baskets/basins/washbags......

But, I also wanted to share the item's I am currently using on a daily basis (or usually do - at the moment I have no need or desire to be bothered with anything other than an underarm roll on and a squirt of perfume!) ;-0

I've gone back to Dermalogica (always do) for my facewash, toner and moisturiser. It definitely is 'the one' for my skin. Keeping it clear yet moisturised. Plus a little goes a long way. I buy at my local college for discounts of 20% over salons/on line.

Currently using the Olive range from the The Body Shop for my bod! ;-) Lovely clean smell, I've also started to use and exfoliating sponge with the body wash.

To give some body to my thin, fine hair I use L'oreal Matt & Messy and then zap my hair upside down with my hairdryer.

Cheap eye make-up remover from Boots - effective enough for me!!
I don't wear much make-up but have recently started to wear eye liner - this was after being the tramp I am I went to work without having removed my make-up from the night before and getting LOADS of compliments, so, I try to repeat that smoky eye look, haha!

I really dislike foundation, much preferring tinted moisturiser, particularly Laura Mercier, which if it's a night out I will layer twice for slightly more coverage, Bobbi Brown blusher on my cheeks.

Boots eye liner in navy and any mascara on offer, although Benefit 'They're Real is fabulous!

The Elemis Flash Balm  does add luminosity beneath my tinted moisturiser - it's a sample, but again a little goes a long way and having seen the effect on my skin I would consider buying :-)
Face mask for me is a weekly essential, no particular fondness to any but Mud Packs are cheap enough and you can get two sessions from one. 

I still add Gradual Tan to my legs for the days when I'm in shorts for running (tend to get red hot when I run).

My Clarisonic - Must use more!!! My skin is so noticeably different when I do but I'm just a bit lazy!! I have bought 2 new heads from Amazon soooooo no excuse!!
Perfume. Currently a few on the go, but my favourite of all time hands down is Dune. I actually feel sassy when wearing it lol! It's the one I replace myself, which says a lot!

I'd love to know what products consistently make your 'Everyday Essentials'.
Wish me luck with my purge!!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

LaterBlog - Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Earlier this year I had a wonderful day with my Son and his girlfriend at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

A visual treat YSP is an open air gallery where you can spend hours exploring the 500 acres, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the countryside, stumbling upon and admiring the artwork all for the price of a carpark ticket. The environment and natural surroundings really enhance the artwork. 

There is a lovely cafe and gift shop, sadly we ran out of time to go in the shop (probably a good thing!) We were last off the car park despite arriving mid morning and it being an overcast day - we all felt there was so much more to see. A revisit is a must! :-)

We did however come away with the Grey Heron cider bottle below which we had enjoyed in the cafe - the labels are so cool and screen printed by Illustrator Tom Frost (have to go back to complete the collection ;-)

Nature at it's finest - these made you want to climb in and climb the tree!

Night & Day - beautiful mosaic - look at the trees beyond to give a sense of scale!

This was one of my absolute favourites; surreal, modern yet futuristic.....
Freedom to dance about semi-naked, liberating!

The Iron Tree by Ai Weiwei - difficult to capture the depth of colour - beautiful

Amazingly lifelike sculpture, so many tiny intricate details to take in, oblivious to us, ubiquitous mobile in hand....

Now these freak me out just a little, eeekkk human rabbits - or rabbit humans!!

Would love to buy a smaller version of this for Sebby :-) HUGE, such beautiful wood

If you are around Wakefield, Yorkshire or visiting Yorkshire YSP is a must see. I would go early, stay as late as you can, refresh in the cafe (reasonably priced) and bag a cider bottle to take home :-)

Whilst we were there we saw lots of families with young children admiring the artwork whilst being afforded the freedom to run in the fresh air - one for half term.....

Current exhibitions are Rob Ryan with his iconic paper cuts & prints (which I love) only until the 1st November and also a smaller scale of the Poppies from the Tower of London. I want to go - sadly it will have to wait and I shall miss both of these.

Many Thanks for dropping by!
Back Soon,

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Fresh Air

Oh my days! I know I love to be outside, but I didn't know that it is a need, no want, no I HAVE TO BE OUTSIDE! I am like a cooped up chicken and the recovery after Hysterectomy book says that you can go for short walk after a few days - So off I went.

It felt so good. The smells of Autumn, the perfect season with it's beautiful jewelled colour scheme and it's opportunity to wrap up warm and layer those clothes.

I didn't go far, just far enough for a fix of the freshest air and the opportunity to clear my head, breathing deeply as I went. Divine. A few rain spatters meant I couldn't enjoy the hot vimto I had envisaged sitting outside - that can save till tomorrow!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
What are you up to?

Friday, 23 October 2015

My Kind Of Peace

I'm home! There's nothing like it is there? This, taken below puts perfectly for me how it felt to roll onto the drive yesterday. A huge sigh of relief. Calm in my heart.

Picture taken whilst visiting Earth Mother Soul Sister Ramsbottom

So, I had my Hysterectomy on Monday (my Consultant managed to do it vaginally). This was decided to be the best course of action for me as I had been to theatre three times previously for treatment of Endometriosis and I think at some point you have to call it a day. Also Fibroids had decided to join the party! :-)

Although the surgery was done vaginally, it is still invasive, major surgery. Your uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries are not just floating around, they are attached to other organs and the surgeon has to be skilled in removal and ensuring that what is left has the best chance of recovery without risk of prolapse, bleeding and is able to heal well.

I am recovering well I think. I've always said to Mr.L  I have a high pain threshold - currently being managed with Paracetamol and natural Arnica tablets. The tiredness is hard, I have a shower and then almost need a nap. I need to be kind and practice what I always preach - to listen to your body.

Today I woke, feeling tearful and 'empty' - no satire intended! I was told to expect this, just like after having a baby, when your hormones are a jumbled mess! How long this will last I have no idea, but I shan't be starting HRT until December, which I know should help. At least when I visit a Doctor in future I will no longer need to drop my knickers!!!

My family and friends are wonderful. Providing popcorn, my absolute favourite, sending magazines and cards with good wishes, pretty flowers. Even a lamb dinner!! Most of all much needed hugs and kisses!

The above is the pile of books I have gathered to peruse and read during my recovery. I hope to blog more too and have planned posts that I hope will interest; fashion, interiors, days out, simplicity and food (I'm planning on cooking simple foods and warming, filling autumnal soups.

As ever, I thank you for visiting this little space of mine.
I do hope talking surgery doesn't put you off coming back?
Have a wonderful weekend,

Friday, 16 October 2015

Playing Catch Up

I have had sooooo much to do this week. Running around like a blue a**ed fly - or should that be buzzing? Working until 7 pm at night tieing up all loose ends, leaving work in as good a place as I can. Trying to do all the little things I have been trying to do for an age. The reason for this is that from Monday I will be unable to drive for 4 weeks as I have a hysterectomy, eeeekkkkk. No driving - how do you deal with that when you have been driving 30 years!!??

Sat here in the study, tapping on my keys, having spent a wonderful day with my best friend, I'm thinking, okay, now I have to think about me! I'm not worried, but I keep having panic attacks - is that the sort of thing you write here? Do you share that you are having a hysterectomy? Oh well, not sure!

Yesterday, once I had finished work, I picked up this little ray of sunshine and spent a glorious sunny afternoon at the park, relishing in the fact that I can pick him up, hug him tight and swing him around! ;-) Making the most of him. He cried for the first time when I took him out of the swing....
This afternoon I had a trip to Ramsbottom with my best friend. Ramsbottom is a small market town with a thriving shopping area full of bespoke shops, boutiques and deli's. Perfect for taking my mind off things. We had a tapas lunch in Levanter  & chatted ALL afternoon which is how we roll. I ask myself now - why do I never take photographs - Levanter has a photo worthy interior!

We visited the lovely Joanna at Earth Mother Soul Sister  which has the most wonderful interior and is so inspiring as they develop and sell their own brand of organic lifestyle products. I  follow Joanna on Instagram so it was great to meet her at last!
Did I treat myself? Hell yeah! I bought an Incense & Wood soya wax candle, a lip balm and also a natural deodorant - something I've wanted to try for a while - I'll let you know how effective it is. Joanna also gave me a number of John Masters organic shampoo, conditioner and hair thickener which have gorgeous scents and I'm looking forward to trying!

I am spending the weekend away with friends - hopefully I will have no time to think about Monday! ;-)

I am surrounded by people who love and care about me, I am fitter, stronger, healthier than I ever have been in my life, I know I will be looked after :-)

Many many thanks for reading today.
Have a wonderful weekend.