Monday, 24 November 2014

It's Coming...

Nothing says Christmas is approaching in this house than the beguiling scent of
Neom's Christmas Wish candle.
Always beautifully packaged, even though I know what's inside I love opening the packaging, getting that first whiff of scent as I do so.

Neom candles are the best I have found.
You can smell them as soon as you walk into the room, even when unlit.
The glass jars are excellent quality, although I took the label off the front this year.

The first thing I do at this time of year, when I have finished work and  walked the pup, is light my candles, breathing an almost audible sigh as I start to chill :-)

Who else buys a special candle for the festive season?
Do you have an after work ritual that involves lighting a candle?
It's an instant pick me up isn't it?

Wishing you all a lovely Week!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Currently Coveting

Loving this Onyx Bracelet from The Curious Rose, made with Swarovski crystal's,
perfect for adding a bit of glamour on a night out!!

What are you currently coveting?

Friday, 21 November 2014

Extra Special Delivery

Sorry for my absence lately, it is due to this little whirligig!
Sebastian Edward
Sebastian decided he wanted to join the party early. 
He had a difficult start, but is a tough little cookie, like his beautiful Mama. 
His Mama & Papa had to deal with more than I and most people in the first few days of their precious baby's life.
But, he is home, looked at in awe and wonderment and filling our hearts with so much love. 

So, this weekend I am away in the Lake District & hope to catch up with my favourite blogs and start to put together some of my own!

Smile everyone - It's Friday - 
Happy weekend!

Sebastian is wearing hat and bootees made by my Sons girlfriend - how cute are they?! X

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Go To Dress

A week ago I had a Christening to go to. I rolled out of bed after a lovely lie in, stood gazing into my wardrobe thinking wth am I going to wear??? 

Out jumped this little number, not worn for quite a while & bought for my Brother's Wedding. It is one of my best ever buys. It is Day Birger Et Mikkelsen & I have worn it in Summer with strappy sandals, as here with patent ankle strap heels and also with tights & heels.

I never would have said I had a 'go to dress' but I suppose if I had this is's to lots more occasions to pull it on!

Wardrobe essential!
Do you have a go to dress?

PS - Just looked at the Day Birger Dresses & there's some seriously gorgeous ones if you have a special occasion coming up!
PPS - Please ignore bedroom deritus!!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Something Special

For my Daughter's Baby Shower I asked all the guests to bring along a pretty bead or button, with the idea that they could be incorporated into a bracelet designed by Natalie of  The Curious Rose (Facebook) The Curious Rose (website).

Natalie produced the most gorgeous bracelet, incorporating all the beads, a gift from all who love and care, to travel with my Daughter on her journey to becoming a Mama.

When I opened the package yesterday it brought tears to my eyes! BEAUTIFUL!

So eclectic and personal, I have done close up photographs to show the intricacies of all the beads and buttons and the way Natalie has put them together. I just adore it! 
Thank you so much The Curious Rose!!

What do you think?
Do you like?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Day Seven Juicy Detox

I had hoped I'd be able to post here as I did my 7lb In 7 Days Detox, time just runs away. I've thoroughly enjoyed a week off work and have to say this has helped me complete the detox.

I won't deny there have been a few cheats - literally the odd piece of chicken from Mr.L's plate - but I am proud that I have the end in sight & achieved what I set out to do. 
For me a kick up the a***!!

I didn't have my full daily allocation of juices because I was FULL!! 
My energy levels remained the same initially but towards the end of this week I would say they have increased. I didn't have headache as I expected.

Going forward I will slowly introduce food back into my diet, but in smaller portions and healthier snacks as this is where I have taken to eating cake etc. 

I need to organise my lunch for work and shall be eating slow release energy foods. As it says in the book, my body is looking forward to some healthy FOOD, not craving biscuits and cake at all - which I usually would.

I shall still be juicing -  replacing my cereal breakfast and one day a week I will be having a juice day.

I won't lie - it has been hard - when all the family tucked in to an Indian, gggrrr, but my reserve was strong ;-) Today in particular I am sick of juice haha! I was so happy when I got up on Day 5 and it was a different juice to start the day. There are variations of recipes to choose though :-)

But, the result's are definitely worth it. At the start the book advises measuring your arms, legs, waist etc. and weighing yourself. I didn't. We don't have scales and I forgot to measure, but I really don't think you need to. I know I have lost weight, my tummy is flat, my face is slimmer and so are the tops of my legs. Just the kick start I needed as I am not one to waste the hard work I have done this week!!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for dropping by.