Wednesday, 26 August 2015

& So I Did It!!

Hi there! Hope everyone who visits this little spot is enjoying the last few weeks of Summer. 
I have had a busy time of it - at home and work!
I completed my Coast to Coast cycle ride Way Of The Roses in July (gosh - is it really so long?)
I did 190 miles in total in five days. This was due to having to leave and rejoin the route to get to accomodation. We had booked B&B's and friends joined us on the first day and others met us for lunch one day too. It was nice to have some support :-) I followed this guy all week....
Day 1 - started in Morcambe  at The Crown Hotel and ended in Wigglesworth at The Plough
A nice steady day to set me up for the hard Day 2!
Day 2 - Wigglesworth to Pateley Bridge Nidderdale Lodge.
Hard, hard, hard - a mahoosive climb out of Settle - 30% gradient. It was tough!! As you can see - sometimes it got a little too much, gggrrrr........but cooked breakfast gave the energy needed daily!!

Day 3 - Pateley Bridge to Skelton (York) Skelton Grange Farmhouse
Day 4 - Skelton to Huggate Greenwick Farm. Another hard day on account of the rain - spent two hours in a pub waaaaiiitttiiinnngggg for the rain to go - IT DIDN'T!!!
But we still smiled!
Day 5 - Huggate to Bridlington! I did it! I got really emotional - totally unexpected. 

& ate the best & most well deserved chips!

A cross off my bucket list - now - what next?
If you have dropped by before a big thank you for coming back :-)

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  1. FELICITATIONS!! Chapeaux!! Well done you (and Him) I'm not a cyclist, although Mr FD is, and I can appreciate the efforts you made. I certainly couldn't do that. Fab-you-luss!