Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Seeing Stars

I shared here the wonderful news that I am going to be a Granny in December!!
My Daughter has embraced pregnancy and is one who glows and looks so healthy & beautiful.
I am so proud of my youngling & know she is going to be an instinctive, responsive Mama.

Here she is at the start of her pregnancy - 
just settling into the little cottage she has bought with her partner.
& last week when we went out to lunch!
Wow, look at that little bump - 30 weeks gone so fast :-)
Wearing her Mexican Bola Necklace, which makes soothing tinkly sounds for her 
Baba to hear and recognise when born!
We painted his bedroom last week - Here's a sneak peak!
 'A' loved some star patterned wallpaper, at £18.00 a roll - lots to spend money on at the moment and I felt we could do better ourselves as we are both creative.......
We painted three walls & the ceiling white and one wall a soft grey.
Then using car sponges we cut out freehand drawn star shapes.
We then printed these onto the wall in red, dark grey and a gorgeous denim blue (which I am now wondering where I can paint in my own house!)
I love how the stars have patterns within them from the holes in the sponge
 and other areas are darker. It's a tiny room perfect for a little one :-)
 Apologies for the picture quality but we didn't finish till very late!!
We had such fun - who needs £18.00 a roll wallpaper?

What do you think? I will share more, soft furnishing's, furniture, lighting etc. as we add to this Baba's room.

As ever thank you so much for your comment's and dropping by!


  1. Looks fantastic, loving the stars! I will have to show my daughter although she says she wants a White Company nursery! x

  2. oh my goodness, I'm so excited for you! And your daughter is positively glowing. Congratulations my friend.

  3. Many congratulations to you all. Such an exciting time

  4. You must all be so excited for the big day! I love the stars decor:) Enjoy your weekend!
    ~Anne xx