Sunday, 28 September 2014

Rolling Into Autumn

The days are rolling by so quickly, one into another.

Summer has rolled into Autumn and with it that definite nip in the air in the evenings - 
the days though remaining warm enough to bare legs.

You look up and omg - It's October in a few days.....How the hell did that happen?? 
The realisation of this hit as I staggered to the bathroom this morning and looked out of the window to be met by this - beautiful isn't it?
Thoughts of 'Autumnising' my bedroom hit, so that's exactly what I did!
I dug out my very old beautifully worn grey velvet throw for the bed.
 Strung my Moroccan Fairylights around my wardrobe, these are absolutely gorgeous and cast such pretty shadows on the walls as I drift to sleep, cosy under my quilt ;-)

How are you starting to cosy up your home?


  1. I never cosy up my home but I think I should! Fab post! x

    1. Sharron - you so should. I think you would have fun!! XX