Monday, 9 March 2015

Cool Running Gear

So, I returned from my ski trip full of vigour and energy. 

Within a few days back I had booked myself places in 4 10k races. 
Really! I can't quite believe it myself. 

But this last year has seen me make so many changes, to my diet and lifestyle, for the benefit of my health and whilst skiing - 6 days, 6 hours a day, I really felt the benefits of my hard work.

I see the races as a way of keeping me motivated, to stay fit and continue to eat healthily. A goal to work towards and hopefully a celebration afterwards! ;-)

I also ordered some new running and chillout gear. I really believe wearing great gear helps you to feel good about yourself and motivate you to push yourself that little bit further.

I adore Sweat Betty but tend to wait for the sales as it is on the pricey side. A good alternative is GapFit. Great quality and fit and their  run pants are so funky - everyone comments on mine.
So here is my latest haul!
Love these - so comfy and excellent quality! :-)
These purple marble pants look more expensive than they were.... 
Thumbholes - what can I say?! Sold!

So tell me, do you feel more motivated when wearing cool workout gear?


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