Saturday, 30 May 2015

Charity Shop Finds

I am determined to become more frugal. In lots of areas of my life. One such area I want to address is the ease with which I click 'add to basket' on Amazon for books I have read reviews on.

 It's so easy isn't it once you have in-putted your details? You don't even have to have your debit card with you, click click!

So, I had a lovely morning strolling around my local charity shops perusing the book shelves. I was hoping to bag The Girl on the train, but unlucky! I have set myself a little challenge NOT to buy it - ha! I also should start visiting my local library......

Today I came home with these two books - A Street Cat Named Bob which is on my Amazon wish list and Body Surfing by Anita Shreve not on my list, but I really enjoy her books.

Both look brand new and unread - a pound each! Less than postage! :-)

 Thanks for dropping by!
I will be posting again soon!

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