Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Restorative Beach Day

We are lucky to live only 30 miles from a number of beaches. Surrounded as we are by moorland, woodland and fells it is nice to escape to the sea, the sound & pull of the waves, soft sand underfoot, the feeling of freedom & of course ice cream.

I could sit and gaze at the ever changing landscape for hours :-)

This trip was extra special as it was Sebastian's first visit to the seaside - his wide eyed expression said so much as he took in the waves & endless sand, the feel of it on his feet and raking it with his fingers - he kept rubbing his feet through it & seemed to enjoy it!!

My Daughter true to her childhood roots was off crabbing as soon as we arrived, I was quite happy to sit with Sebastian and 'chat' pointing out new things in his ever expanding world.

The beach we chose for today's trip was Heysham, near Morcambe. A beach with a secret doorway...
Need some false tan on these pins....
Wearing these to death at the moment!
 We have crabs!!!
One very happy baby :-)
 One very happy dog :-)
 The easiest way to travel with a baby! He always plays with his feet when feeding - so cute.
 The end of a beautiful day and memories made.

Whenever I visit the beach, I wonder 'Would I like to live here?'
Which do you prefer - beach or mountains? 


  1. I've been to Heysham, but never to the beach, we're off next week so I think we'll go if the weather plays along, thanks for the idea. I live near the beach now, but I wouldn't mind where I lived as long as there was a large body of water nearby.

    1. Hi there! If you go to Heysham there is free parking by the Half Moon Bay Cafe (home made soup is lovely), the beach there is clean and you can also walk the coastal path. Have fun! XX

    2. Fab, thanks for the tip! Have a good weekend.