Thursday, 9 July 2015

Way Of The Roses

Tonight Mr.L & I are in Morcambe. It is the start of our holiday - we are cycling the Way Of The Roses, Coast To Coast, 170 miles in total, from Morcambe on the West coast to Bridlington on the East.
We are doing the ride over 5 days, so approx. 35 miles a day, with the first two days being the toughest. I could have done more mileage, but dug my heels in. It's a holiday, I want to stop to see things en route, have slow leisurely lunches, afternoon coffee and cake and ice cream as I go! :-)

Instead of buying suncream for this holiday I have been buying ass cream - yes, really!! I will have a lovely smooth derrière - I'm told - with no chaffing - eurgh......
I have treated myself though ;-) to some lovely Rapha goodies, namely arm and leg warmers!
 Must have photograph with Eric Morcambe "The one with the glasses"
 And so we sleep tonight overlooking this gorgeous view before our early start tomorrow. Goodnight!

Who else would like this sort of holiday - or is it just me who's mad?
Thanks for visiting! :-)

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