Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cycling Holiday Part 2

Before I post about the Festival I have just returned from I would like to share some of the highlights of my recent cycling holiday through the beautiful Dales of Yorkshire.

We had sweet treats as daily rewards (& for energy of course)!

We went through beautiful little villages. Along the way I was in a World of my own just taking in the freedom I felt and admiring my surroundings, so unhurried, so chilled...

 The 100 mile mark - a big moment - WOOHOO!!!!

 At one of our stops mobile Phones were discouraged :-D

  Fifty of these little fellas are dotted around the Dales - find three and win a prize!

Gnome Fetish!

Sweet crafting shop en route - love the bunting, pretty.

 Time to rest our aching legs in the evenings - my lovely Mr.L & I, aaahhh!

 One of the best holidays I have EVER had - I am so grateful to my friends & of course Mr.L who just made it!
What has been your favourite holiday?


  1. Amazing time - I envy your energy! X

    1. Ha! Just noticed this comment - of course I don't post my lazy ass days!! XxX