Sunday, 14 July 2013

I'm Back!

Well, I made it! I covered 110 miles in 5 days in blistering heat, taking in the beauty that is the Yorkshire Dales. It was hard at times - VERY hard!

We travelled from

Ingleton to Hawes - 22 miles - staying at The Fountain Hotel - Hawes was so busy as there was a Festival on but we were all too tired, haha, after our first day.
Lovely village but no time to look round. Chippy tea, a few drinks and then my bed was calling whilst Mr. L was being called to partake in more alcohol consumption!

Sometimes I just had to push - by the end of the week though I felt a stronger rider, albeit a tired one!

Hawes to Reeth - 20 miles - staying at Grinton Lodge - a lovely Youth Hostel set in magnificent surroundings, in truth a Youth Hostel would have sufficed every night as it was literally a place to shower and rest sleepy heads.

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Youth Hostels have changed so much over the years, no longer a place where you worry about belongings going walkies - they have double rooms, family rooms, dorms etc. 

Two of the girls had the most gorgeous room complete with free standing roll top bath!

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We wanted to watch the Men's Final so all had to pedal like the clappers to get to Reeth by 2.00 o'clock - well worth it to see Andy Murray at match point so many times, we caused uproar in the sleepy Yorkshire pub :-) 

I will always remember his win - watching with the best friends ever....this is how memories are made....

Reeth to Kettlewell - 24 miles - staying at Blue Bell Inn

Ooooh, finished for the day - BIG smiles!

Another beautiful village set by a river, we had an amazing meal over the road from the Blue Bell at the Racehorses Hotel - I had a Nut Roast, so filling with lots of fresh vegetables...& of course desert :-)

Kettlewell to Malham - 23 miles - staying at Beck Hall - this was our most sumptuous hotel and I hope to go back there at some point with Mr.L

The staff were lovely and so welcoming, not minding a bit when as soon as we arrived we stripped off shoes and socks and dangled them in the soothing water of The Beck, aaaahhhh!

Mr.L & I loved our room - Aire

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Malham back to Ingleton - 21 miles - home, happy, tired, proud of each other! Best time ever!
Back with more en-route pics tomorrow.

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