Friday, 23 August 2013

A Spot of Bother....

Recently my skin has 'been bothering me,' a few spots around my jaw line & blocked pores.

Some of it down to using more sun screen this year YAY - SUN, but I have never found one that doesn't seem to block my pores - any recommendations out there?

Probably some lazy nights when I haven't cared for my skin as I should. 

So, I needed to do something.....

I remembered using some skin care products for problem skin belonging to my Sister some years ago, although I only used them once or twice, my skin was noticeably improved.

I did a Google & found MD Formulations on the internet & decided to purchase an
 Anti-blemish Solution Kit.

 I'm going to start using it this weekend & shall report back in a week!

It is a simple regimen - especially as I have little patience for massaging serums, lotions & potions into my skin - maybe this is something I should change??

Four steps in the morning & three steps in the evening, 
with a clearing complex & antioxidant eye cream also included.

Find MD Formulations here.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend!


  1. Ooooo looks formulations are a great brand. I've found the biggest deal changer for my skin this year has been using an exfoliating toner...first RENs and now Clarins as well. Amazing the difference it makes to blocked pores!

  2. Thanks for that Claire - I'll see how I go!
    Do like Clarins though and I'm off to France Thursday so always cheaper there :-)