Thursday, 1 August 2013

Travelling Light

Most times I fly I take hand luggage only (tight I know) & have got it down to a fine art.

 When I did used to weigh in, my bag would be around 12kg and then I would come home with lots of unworn clothes and unused toiletries, yes really!

The only time I don't travel with hand luggage only is when I ski and that is down to bulk more than anything!

I wanted to share how I pack for hand luggage only and stay within the very strict airport requirements for toiletries.

If I am flying in the morning I pack the night before, flying in the afternoon or evening I pack in the morning. What you don't remember can't be important right?

Firstly I gather toiletries, I must admit to buying sunscreen at the airport along with a nice body-wash and lotion - this time it was Soap & Glory.

 I have a set of small bottles to decant shampoo & conditioner into and the rest are travel size Dermalogica products. 

I already had the lovely REN freebies which have been around for a while now - in fact I picked up more with RED magazine at the airport :-)

Make-up wise I am happy just wearing mascara, my Desert Island product, 
especially once I have a tan!

Next swimwear, nightwear & pretty underwear...

& a beach towel - I don't like to use hotel towels by the pool or on the beach.

Two skirts and two vest tops - the lovely paisley pants didn't make the final cut - & I am glad as they would have just stuck to my legs in the heat!!

Two maxi dresses - so cool & I can go braless (not well endowed!!)

Boden Breton & Fat Face shrug for cooler evenings (Breton went unworn)...

Accessories - I wore sandals to travel & took my Birkenstocks, the brightly coloured scarf has been to so many places with me & has been useful for a multitude of things.
 I took a small leather bag, my Longchamp tote, sunglasses & my Deerheart necklace!

Before being placed in my bag I had three small piles :-)

& here we go - plenty of room left over, can be squished to fit in small places - nice & light too!

Here I am at the airport - not a great quality photo (Mr.L needs a lesson!)

Back to show daily outfits soonXX


  1. Looks a great way of packing - I always take too much! I have mentioned you on my Blog today to have a go at the Money Supermarket challenge Bucket List competition. Last minute as last day on 2nd Aug. I was nominated today!! Fun though - you may have time - no worries if not ! XXX

  2. Fab tips! Certainly will be putting them into practice save me time energy and back breaking effort carrying my ususal 26Kgs luggage lol!! xxxx

    1. 26kg oh wow!! Hope you have help at the airport ;-)