Tuesday, 10 September 2013

En Francais

So, I escaped to France for a few days to celebrate my friends 50th birthday
 (hard to believe friends are turning 50 - just WOW)!

They live in a beautiful part of France, 68 miles South of Paris called Villemandeur, near Montargis a really pretty medieval town,  with canals, bridges and rivers to cycle :-)

I spent the days cycling, socialising & mooching around the garden which is gorgeous & so bountiful it deserves it's own post later!

& of course eating and drinking....

 Lots of small details were added to the birthday marquee. 

The main course was cooked by a Chef in the garden - seafood Paella.

Everyone was given a job to do.......I was on desert course with 3 others, we collected the plates and 'dished up' handed out to all guests, cleared away and washed up - what a fabulous idea!

Beautiful napkins.

Floral touches, courtesy of moi!


Glasses were decorated with gold & silver pens & used as table settings!

Canapés & champagne to start.

& this....I have no idea what it is but it was yum - and what a beautiful container!
I know it contained Cointreau, Blue Curacao and possibly Rum!!

We played games - one of which you were given a number. 
The men then came out carrying a chicken with a number round it's neck -
 this was mine....

As a team we had to 'herd' our chicken back to the coop
 without actually touching it with HANDS!

Before entering the marquee to be seated everyone had the chance to sit here to make a card
 which you then hung inside, cute idea!

Marie's birthday chair!

& The Birthday Girl Herself!

No party is complete without dancing - 
More to follow...

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