Monday, 23 September 2013

MD Formulations Review

As promised, I said I would report back about how I went on with 

I have been really good and washed my face EVERY night
 (I know, I know, dirty mare!)

The Face Wash leaves skin squeaky clean - it said you would have a mild temporary tingling sensation - it stings - still. I have some left and will use it up.

Glycare Lotion applied after cleansing, again it said temporary tingling. Stings - still!

Hydrate Moisturiser - I had to use quite a bit of this product as my skin was thirsty and so it was gone much quicker than everything else, plus it was a minute bottle to start with.

Moisture Defence Eye Cream - lovely product, sank in nicely. Need.To.Use.More.I.Am.44!

Sun Protector - I  like the lightness of this product, didn't seem to block pores or cause me any more problems which is what happened over Summer. May buy this again.

Clearing Complex - Stings!! LOL!. Only need to use a small amount and I only use in the evening as it does say that if it is too strong use once daily.

The bottom line is that this kit did what I wanted it to. 
My skin is definitely clearer and smoother. 

But, I have learnt that at my age this was too strong for my skin - it was thirsty! 
It was stingy!
I will use it up though, don't like waste :-)

Would I use MD Formulations again?
Yes, definitely, just not this kit.

Now I'm off back to my skincare of choice Dermalogica.
My local college is open again and I can buy there slightly cheaper than elsewhere :-)

What's your skincare of choice?

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