Friday, 27 September 2013


Feeling Bleh after going to bed with a headache which was so awful it stopped me sleeping.
Pounding this morning but once Mr.L had got some tablets, I picked up this afternoon.

Comforting Chocolate!

I am not good at sitting still and relaxing so ended up mooching round the house and noticing things that make me smile.

It made me mindful that this is what home is for, rest & relaxation.

Here's some of what I noticed.

Brightly coloured herbs & spices in my lovingly restored cupboard.
I paste invitations in the back...

Snoopy for Olly's doggy treats ;-)

Mr.L & I bought this for our first home - LOVE!

Pound shop Buddah bought for Daddy from the kids - I used to take them to the pound shop at Christmas and they would go in by themselves to buy family presents. 
Such fun to see what they had bought. Memories, *sigh*.

Little birdy from 'C' (aka best friend ever!) brightening up the hallway.

Love the juxtaposition of these books - my Son's old Lemony Snicket books 
and his current reads! (Note to self - buy him number 7)!

Crazy Wall in my Son's room, some of which we did together.
 If I stop to look I see something new every time!

Bedside & VODKA!! Teenagers! Abigail Ahern Letter A

Memories hung with simple twine & pegs in A's room.

This was my bookcase when I was a baby - now in A's room - 
decorated by her when she was 8 - really love this and hope she keeps it :-)

Baby present - still hung! After all these years.

 Fishes from a dear friend swimming in the bathroom!

Cosy bed with the patchwork made over hours and hours by my lovely Mama - 
We are lucky to have a few and I would never part with them.

Makes a Home...
& The World go round!

Wishing all a Happy Weekend!

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