Monday, 16 June 2014

Kindness & A Thank You!

I visited the Manchester Welcoming Spring Market in May. Held in the Orangery in 
St. Ann's Square, one of my favourite places in the City.

Perusing the stalls I discovered the Artist Steve Valentine's work (cool name!)
Beautiful ceramics - I particularly loved his platters - rugged & natural with a depth of colour, with sparkles and a cracked finish that is difficult to capture. 

I bought a platter, went on my way, with my French friends to Primark (cattle market) where someone knocked into me and the bag dropped to the floor. Onto my hands and knees, opened the packaging and......was distraught, it was broken.

I ran back to the stall as fast as I could, I think hard before I buy anything, I have to really really love it, so obviously I had to have another.

I couldn't get over Steve's kindness, he actually gave me another, choosing it with me, pointing out its intricacies and unique qualities.

Steve also gave me the postcards below - the pintail boat sculpture and the platters - 
looking great stacked .

So, thank you so much Steve, this is a tribute to you and your beautiful work!
Click here to see more!

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  1. What a beautiful piece of pottery - and how kind to give you a replacement. Some people are just SO generous! Lovely ceramic work