Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Skincare Game Changer

I have been using Kiehl's long enough now to know it is a game changer for my skin.
Well worth the money, my skin is smoother and brighter. & a little goes a long way!!

I have a typical oily t-zone, drier cheeks and large pores.
Some say oily skin means younger looking skin - so I should be grateful right?

I ordered a moisturiser and for free delivery a replacement facial wash and then 
thought 'sod it' and added the BB Cream to my basket. 
SPF 50 to protect my pigment prone skin, but light and natural looking.

I usually use Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser & had said I would finish my tube before ordering the BB Cream - but - I had bought the 'shimmer' finish for Summer having been talked into it by the sales lady & really do not like it....so Kiehl's BB for me!!

I also placed the order as a gift - well, it is, for me! So my purchases came in the useful box below.

Also a few freebies were thrown in which I have yet to try -
When I do I'll let you know thoughts!

As ever, thanks so much for visiting.

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