Tuesday, 10 June 2014


As I hoped here, whilst my friends were staying - we did share news, laugh, dance, joke & visit new places. I took them to Formby, owned by the National Trust. 
Home to spectacularly  scenic coastal walks and sea views. 

As a child it was also teeming with red squirrels, who would come and feed from your hand. 
You could buy food to give them and me and my siblings would be scrabbling in the paper bag for the last scraps in the hope of hanging on to a squirrel a little longer!!

There are still red squirrels there - I'm told ;-0 but catching even a glimpse of a bushy tail was another thing....probably best to visit in the morning when the feeders are filled with food.

Clinging to the earth, trying to stay 'rooted!'
 Formby has the best sand dunes - kids just love it here - a chance to run, slide down sand hills on your bum, play hide and seek - hell I love it now!
 Hurry up will ya?
 We saw these strange tree's - we decided the strange shape was due to years of wind from the sea - it was the stillest day. It was so weird to see - the photo doesn't capture it.....

The sea - always to be respected,
capable of so much.

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