Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Parisian Itch

I have an itch, a Parisian itch, which shows no sign of abating.
Although it is a City I know well, I would like to linger longer in Montmartre.
As is so often in City's, we dash through the recommended 'must sees'.

Montmartre, with it's musicians and artists in the square, the morning hustle 
and bustle and the smell of croissants and fresh coffee, the magnificent architecture and overlooking it all the beautiful Sacre Couer. 

As night falls the energy grows and the lights just make it so magical. 

So many colourful characters too, mesmerising, just grab a coffee and people 
watch to your hearts content!

Looking on airbnb I found some really small sweet pied a terres, from as little as £27.00 
per night right in the heart of Montmartre. 


Montmartre, I will be back!
What areas of Paris are your favourites - would love to hear!

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