Sunday, 10 August 2014

Around Here Lately.....

Ok, so I seem to be doing a few of these posts.

Life is crazy, does it ever slow down? I wonder do I do it to myself? Should I just stop? 
What would happen if I did? Would everything fall apart in slow motion? 

I have felt so tired this last week. I had a lovely weekend in Bristol with a friend - Cleveden - it was beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but have been playing catch-up ever since - mainly sleep!!!!

This weekend I have pottered and done little things I have wanted to do for a while.
I went to have some photo's printed, buy frames and a plant pot and some gifts for a 
couple of friends who have recently had baby girl's!

I have numerous jobs to do, said as I look out at my overgrown jungle, but have made a nice cuppa and sat myself here awhile, having caught up with my favourite blogs too ;-)

 Three pictures from the Western Wedding now framed!
(Frame was a pound from Oxfam!)

 Tour de Yorkshire now framed :-) Mr.L happy...

 Two gifts for friends made & ticked off the list!
Heart maps, one Slovakia, one France. Done & done!

 Baby girl presents wrapped!

A gift of heather from a friend now in it's pot!
I love these buckets, cheap and look better with age!

Ok, so I treated myself...but I've liked this for ages. Never bought from JCrew before 
but it seems I'm a large - luckily I reordered and large is on the way!!

Had a night out to celebrate two girls from Running Club completing the 

So tell me, what are you up to?
Promise to be back soon!


  1. Been hectic here too, I feel your pain! Looking good in your jumpsuit!

  2. Gosh you have been busy! Loving the outfit, very glam. What with work, home, family and animals its crazy here too.

    x x

    1. Us ladies, we are everything to everyone!! My husband always says "We'd be goosed without you!"
      Hard to slaow down sometimes yet so important too...XX