Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Nurturing The Body

Way back in April, I set myself a Thirty Day Challenge. 
& here we are in August! How did that happen?
The challenge was to do yoga daily  - this challenge did not quite work out....
I did do a few sessions.......

I started Pilates one to one sessions at the same time, to improve my back pain - a preventative measure rather than a treatment, which is what I usually go for.

Since my third session my back has been so much better, slowly building up my core muscles, strengthening my back, making connections and improving my flexibility. 

I find myself concentrating on my breathing more and noticing and adjusting my posture. 
Bonus - my tummy is looking flatter too!!

I now attend a class once or twice weekly. 
Although Pilates isn't particularly spiritual, it has enabled me to 'meditate' 
in the calming studio before everyone arrives for class, something I am only able to do when thoroughly chilled - I love it, me time. 

So, the thirty day yoga challenge.....didn't quite work out, but I do do Pilates exercises at home a couple of times a week - this counts right?

Who else does Pilates?
Who manages to motivate themselves to exercise at home?


  1. I have done pilates both mat work and reformer. I do tend to do a lot more yoga. Have you tried body balance class it is a little yoga,Thai chi,yoga, pilates etc a good class

    1. Hi Inge, thanks for leaving the above. I have done reformer, really enjoy the pilates but there is a Body Balance class at my local leisure centre - I'll give it a try. Have a wonderful weekend, XX

  2. I would like to do pilates, but the only class I've found near here is attached to a gym, so I won't be joining that! I thought about a DVD but I know I would never do it. I really do lack the motivation to exercise at home!

    1. It is hard to motivate yourself - the benefits to my back are fabulous though.
      Gym's are so expensive - I would just like to have a swim, steam, hot tub session once a month! :-)