Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cosy Favourites

I adore the White Company. 
Simple style aesthetics & lasting quality that I have grown to love.

Below are my favourite Autumnal picks & with 20% off ending midnight tonight, 
what better reason to indulge?

These double walled glass mugs are just perfect for hot toddies and mulled wine!

I would adore this sheepskin strewn across my bed - 
in my book you can never have too much sheepskin!

On Autumn evenings, the minute I get in from work I light a candle & get 
cosy by the fire with my pup! :-) This blend contains my favourite scents.

Still on the lookout for a fold over clutch, this is lovely but I am 
hoping to find a 'sloppier' version - any ideas??

Thank you for visiting!
Happy weekend :-)