Friday, 21 November 2014

Extra Special Delivery

Sorry for my absence lately, it is due to this little whirligig!
Sebastian Edward
Sebastian decided he wanted to join the party early. 
He had a difficult start, but is a tough little cookie, like his beautiful Mama. 
His Mama & Papa had to deal with more than I and most people in the first few days of their precious baby's life.
But, he is home, looked at in awe and wonderment and filling our hearts with so much love. 

So, this weekend I am away in the Lake District & hope to catch up with my favourite blogs and start to put together some of my own!

Smile everyone - It's Friday - 
Happy weekend!

Sebastian is wearing hat and bootees made by my Sons girlfriend - how cute are they?! X


  1. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! So sorry they had a ' bit of trouble ' but hope all's well now.
    Our son had to deliver our newest grandchild …… she popped out so quickly !!!!!
    Wishing you all many happy times with Sebastian Edward. XXXX

    1. Hi Jacqueline - these baby's sure keep us on our toes!
      So excited for what happy days lie ahead! XX

  2. Congratulations to you all! So sorry to hear Sebastian didn't have the best of starts but glad all is well now. What a little cutie xx

    1. Thank you Sharron - I'm loving being Granny - can't describe but not long till you find out! Hugs, XX