Monday, 6 April 2015

So Many Shades - So Little Time

Yesterday I posted before and after pics of my recent en-suite overhaul. So hard to choose colours - so many available. I actually enlisted the help of my lovely friend, who has a wonderful eye for styling and colour (although she has a white home!) 

I wanted the en-suite to tie in with my bedroom, which has evolved slowly over the last few years. With neutral walls and flooring, colour and interest has been added through pictures, textiles, cushions and accessories, many with blue/grey shades. 'C' helped me to compare colours and pointed out that grey WOULD look great as all the colours in my en-suite are earth colours, something I hadn't thought about (I have a thing for grey at the moment) and it would make the visual link with the master bedroom I was looking for.

Here are some pictures of my bedroom, with aforementioned blues and greys!
Doorway to the en-suite where the new grey can be seen....

Who else has difficulty choosing paint colours?
How do you choose?

Many Thanks for dropping by! :-)

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