Sunday, 5 April 2015

Quick Colour Freshen Up

It's Spring. It's good to spruce and freshen up! 
Having had a stressful few work months and going through the most important thing in my career ever I took a few days off - & decided to give my en-suite a quick overhaul. 

With just a lick of paint it's gone from insipid to feeling stylish. I chose a lovely grey shade from Dulux - Chic Shadow, it brought out the grey of the tiles I had never noticed before and tied the earth colours of the tiles, carpeting and warmth of the wood nicely together.

Here you can see the old lemon colour on the ceiling above the shower cubicle.
After shots - chic grey walls ;-)
 Here you can see the grey of the tiles, which I had never really noticed before I started to apply the new grey colour.
 Obviously when decorating, it's a good time to de-clutter and pare back. I had a really good sort out of my toiletries. My cupboard has never been tidier!! (Not shown)
 Kenneth Turner candles are exquisitely scented and often available at knock down prices - This one is from TKMaxx, beautiful soft scent.
Must have new addition of Hammam towels from The White Company. Hammam towels are great for taking on holiday too! The grey stripe  & tassels add interest.
The grey looks really stylish next to the wood - I was a little concerned initially, but really pleased with the result.
 Bits & bobs!!
Gosh - that mirror needs a clean!!

Who else has been embracing Spring with a paintbrush in hand?
I still need to finish my front door I started last year ;-0

Bye for now & Happy Easter!

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