Saturday, 24 October 2015

Fresh Air

Oh my days! I know I love to be outside, but I didn't know that it is a need, no want, no I HAVE TO BE OUTSIDE! I am like a cooped up chicken and the recovery after Hysterectomy book says that you can go for short walk after a few days - So off I went.

It felt so good. The smells of Autumn, the perfect season with it's beautiful jewelled colour scheme and it's opportunity to wrap up warm and layer those clothes.

I didn't go far, just far enough for a fix of the freshest air and the opportunity to clear my head, breathing deeply as I went. Divine. A few rain spatters meant I couldn't enjoy the hot vimto I had envisaged sitting outside - that can save till tomorrow!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
What are you up to?


  1. It's amazing that you had major surgery a few days ago and have managed a short walk. You're doing so well. Take it easy though - I remember when my mum had the same op back in the 80's and at that time they kept you in hospital for a week! Sending healing wishes your way!

    1. Hello! They do send you home so quickly now, I felt so ill after the half hour journey home but since then my pain is well managed and I just potter day to day. I think it is because I am fitter and healthier this year than at any other time in my life that is aiding my recovery - I am very careful too.
      Thanks so much for caring and dropping by Mrs LH! XX

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