Sunday, 25 October 2015

LaterBlog - Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Earlier this year I had a wonderful day with my Son and his girlfriend at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

A visual treat YSP is an open air gallery where you can spend hours exploring the 500 acres, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the countryside, stumbling upon and admiring the artwork all for the price of a carpark ticket. The environment and natural surroundings really enhance the artwork. 

There is a lovely cafe and gift shop, sadly we ran out of time to go in the shop (probably a good thing!) We were last off the car park despite arriving mid morning and it being an overcast day - we all felt there was so much more to see. A revisit is a must! :-)

We did however come away with the Grey Heron cider bottle below which we had enjoyed in the cafe - the labels are so cool and screen printed by Illustrator Tom Frost (have to go back to complete the collection ;-)

Nature at it's finest - these made you want to climb in and climb the tree!

Night & Day - beautiful mosaic - look at the trees beyond to give a sense of scale!

This was one of my absolute favourites; surreal, modern yet futuristic.....
Freedom to dance about semi-naked, liberating!

The Iron Tree by Ai Weiwei - difficult to capture the depth of colour - beautiful

Amazingly lifelike sculpture, so many tiny intricate details to take in, oblivious to us, ubiquitous mobile in hand....

Now these freak me out just a little, eeekkk human rabbits - or rabbit humans!!

Would love to buy a smaller version of this for Sebby :-) HUGE, such beautiful wood

If you are around Wakefield, Yorkshire or visiting Yorkshire YSP is a must see. I would go early, stay as late as you can, refresh in the cafe (reasonably priced) and bag a cider bottle to take home :-)

Whilst we were there we saw lots of families with young children admiring the artwork whilst being afforded the freedom to run in the fresh air - one for half term.....

Current exhibitions are Rob Ryan with his iconic paper cuts & prints (which I love) only until the 1st November and also a smaller scale of the Poppies from the Tower of London. I want to go - sadly it will have to wait and I shall miss both of these.

Many Thanks for dropping by!
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  1. I went to the Storm King sculpture park in Upstate NY recently and it blew me away. But this looks so lovely! I never think to find sculpture parks in the UK for some reason. It's definitely on the list if I'm ever in your neck of the woods. x

    1. Wow, that sounds fab! Yorkshire has some really great places to visit and also spectacular landscapes.
      I ADORE your blog and how you seem to come across the most random things whilst looking for other things - the 40 year old suitcases, fascinating. Google rabbit hole!! Thanks for visiting my lil' spot! XX

  2. I've heard excellent stuff about this but never been. Really ought to go as we're only about 45 mins up the A1 from where we are.

    1. Definitely a must visit - you're so close too - it's a good hour and a half from me! I'm sure you'd love the current exhibitions (I'll be green if you get there - only on until 1st November). I can't travel so far in the car at the moment (or walk too far) unfortunately. Have a lovely week XX