Friday, 23 October 2015

My Kind Of Peace

I'm home! There's nothing like it is there? This, taken below puts perfectly for me how it felt to roll onto the drive yesterday. A huge sigh of relief. Calm in my heart.

Picture taken whilst visiting Earth Mother Soul Sister Ramsbottom

So, I had my Hysterectomy on Monday (my Consultant managed to do it vaginally). This was decided to be the best course of action for me as I had been to theatre three times previously for treatment of Endometriosis and I think at some point you have to call it a day. Also Fibroids had decided to join the party! :-)

Although the surgery was done vaginally, it is still invasive, major surgery. Your uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries are not just floating around, they are attached to other organs and the surgeon has to be skilled in removal and ensuring that what is left has the best chance of recovery without risk of prolapse, bleeding and is able to heal well.

I am recovering well I think. I've always said to Mr.L  I have a high pain threshold - currently being managed with Paracetamol and natural Arnica tablets. The tiredness is hard, I have a shower and then almost need a nap. I need to be kind and practice what I always preach - to listen to your body.

Today I woke, feeling tearful and 'empty' - no satire intended! I was told to expect this, just like after having a baby, when your hormones are a jumbled mess! How long this will last I have no idea, but I shan't be starting HRT until December, which I know should help. At least when I visit a Doctor in future I will no longer need to drop my knickers!!!

My family and friends are wonderful. Providing popcorn, my absolute favourite, sending magazines and cards with good wishes, pretty flowers. Even a lamb dinner!! Most of all much needed hugs and kisses!

The above is the pile of books I have gathered to peruse and read during my recovery. I hope to blog more too and have planned posts that I hope will interest; fashion, interiors, days out, simplicity and food (I'm planning on cooking simple foods and warming, filling autumnal soups.

As ever, I thank you for visiting this little space of mine.
I do hope talking surgery doesn't put you off coming back?
Have a wonderful weekend,

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