Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Little Bit Of Me Time.....

On Sunday I attended a 2 hour Meditation at my Pilates Studio. It was a wonderful 2 hours, which left me feeling utterly refreshed and revitalised.
Sue had set the room out beautifully, all of us sat in a circle of yoga mats, pillows and blankets, the room cosy and warm - sadly I had left my phone in the car so didn't get any photos. There were little trees with fairy lights, lots of candles and beautiful music.
The meditation was Yoga based, which I have not done for a couple of years it also incorporated the Winter Solstice, bringing the light and warmth in, saying goodbye to the darker days.
We started by chanting a Peace Invocation, something I have never done before, the words are
We had to start slowly to say the Sanskrit, gradually increasing pace until it flowed from our tongues! The chant completed we  focussed on grounding the Chakras, followed by some strong yogic poses, Warrior!

Beneath the trees were envelopes, we each were to pick one; inside two slips of paper, one to write on what you hope to take forward with you into 2016 and one to write what you wish to leave behind. These were then to go home with Sue to be placed on a fire.

Lighting of a candle - this was done in a cold dark room, then brought back into the studio, again the symbolism of  light replacing dark, warmth replacing cold. We all placed our candles onto a tray in the middle of our circle, focussing on the dancing flame of our individual candle, eventually closing our eyes, if we were lucky, seeing colour, which I did and only can when I am thoroughly chilled :-)

Finally, we got to lie down for relaxation, I could hear Sue's voice drifting gently away..........when I sat up, everyone was already sat up, ooopppsss. This is my body, telling me I need sleeeeeep!!

Finally, we were presented with a little gift from Sue. I have waited until I was on my own to open mine, I have the perfect time now whilst Mr. & Son walk the pooch. Oooohhhh, the candle that we had lit, contained within, along with a gorgeous smelling soap of lavender and patchouli, Pukka tea to enjoy with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Perfect. The whole session was a gift from Sue to 'us' and it is one I am so grateful for and has set me up for all that Christmas may throw at me! Thank you Sue, X

I hope wherever you are, you are at peace and enjoy the kind of Christmas you hope for.
Lots of Love, thank you for being here,

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