Saturday, 19 December 2015

Around Here Lately

Oh my goodness. I've not been here for a while. Just wanted to drop in & say "Hi!" I hope all your plans for this Festive Season are going well. 

I've been suffering from insomnia - I was warned I would go straight into menopause following my Hysterectomy, whereas usually it is a slow onset, it has been headlong. They warn you about the hot sweats (around 30 to 40 a day currently) but not about how that affects your sleep. I am mentally and physically drained. Not good......hoping to start HRT next week. Bring. It. On

Luckily I have been able to embrace this wonderful season slowly, I have written Christmas cards (next year I think I shall buy a goat instead of sending cards!!), instead of the usual frenzied wrapping I am just wrapping a few presents a day, I have the first of three christmas cakes in the oven and am sat here nursing a cup of lemon and ginger tea, the dog at my feet and the sweetest little tree with its twinkling lights turned on to enjoy. It's 6am.....
This year I bought some gorgeous christmas cards from Michaela Gogova, a lovely lady who I met at my Sister In Laws hen party a couple of years ago. You know when you just meet someone and hit it off? Becoming Facebook friends, watching as she has flourished, showing works in London Galleries, Liberty purchasing some of her designs, posters on the Underground and now a student again at Central St. Martins. Her designs are simple forms but with the most intricate detail added, often with hidden words (spot them!) Love them! Hoping for a t-shirt for my birthday.......
 My Daughter and Sister share the same birthday. Both Sagittarians. Both fiery. My Daughter celebrated her 21st this time, I saw this card and thought the words were perfect advice for a 21 year old - maybe for me too! In fact, everyone ;-)
& for my Sister, this from A Two Pipe Problem - She loves her GIN! First seen on the lovely Jen's blog Little Birdie 

Whatever you are doing, I hope you manage to relax this weekend!
Thanks for dropping by, I really do appreciate it, XX


  1. Ooh you have my sympathy with the insomnia. I get it regularly (52 in 2016 and still not had my menopause....bring it on please!!). It really drains me during the day. I love the cards (saw them on your IG feed and thought about purchasing a bag from the designer but was a bit worried about delivery for Xmas. Nearly finished shopping but no wrapping done at all. Hubby breaks up Tuesday so will have to rope him in! Have a peaceful happy Christmas and look forward to reading your blog in 2016.

    1. Hope you managed to rope your hubby in Mrs LH!
      Wishes to you and yours for a wonderful christmas and may we all have a 2016 that is kind!