Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Brighter Outlook

Hi there! Hope you have enjoyed the type of Christmas you hoped for?
 I had a lovely time, particularly as I have my Grandson now, a new little one, now 13 months old, totally enthralled with all the new things to look at and make a beeline for! Unfortunately I now have Laryngitis, singing and talking being the culprit!!

This morning I opened the back door to find the torrential rains have dissipated, leaving behind extremely strong winds, the type that blows everything all around the garden.......Hurricane Frank! But then amongst it all I saw this! A beautiful pink rose that either I have not noticed before or has sprung overnight. It really stood out after all the devastating weather experienced.

We are lucky, we live high on the moors and the water continued past our house along with stone and rock. I do hope you have not been one of the people who sadly have had to fight to keep family, pets, homes and belongings safe. So many people in Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester spent Christmas Day trying to  keep water from their homes or baling water out of their homes, having to leave their homes. Absolutely devastating.

& so, I saw the rose. I like to think it is a sign. A sign of brighter days (& better weather) to come :-)

Back Soon Lovely People!

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